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Divorcing America refers to the action by most of the European nations to terminate their close relationship with the United States due to some reasons. The European nations that have taken a step to terminate the close relationship include Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Italy. As stated earlier, there are several reasons behind the degeneration of the relationship. However, the main and the fundamental one is the Cold war that was facilitated by the America in Russia between 1946 and 1991 (Minkenberg, 1996). The war involved military tension, political conflict, proxy wars, and economic competition between the Western world, mainly US and the Soviet Union and its allies. The war also involved propaganda, nuclear arms races, rivalry at sports events, espionage, and technological competition like space race.

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Following the success of a temporary wartime alliance against the Nazi Germany, the US and the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) viewed each other as profound enemies due to their political and economic differences. The relations between the Soviet Union and the United States weakened after the Soviets or Russians’ invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. The US, in response to this action, led a boycott of the Moscow 1980 Summer Olympics. It withdrew its support for the expected new arms control treaty. The US funded the Anti-Soviet fighters mainly from the Latin America. Besides, they also sent their forces to Afghanistan to fight the Soviet soldiers who had invaded the area (Minkenberg, 1996).

One major question is why the US had to involve themselves in a war between two nations that were distant away from its geographical location. This is what facilitated the war to another height. The reason was to gain more control and expand political power across the world (Minkenberg, 1996).

United States and most of the European nations consider themselves superpowers over each other. The two being in close relationship wouldbring about war and fighting for supremacy. The two can literary never be closer again.

From the above explanations, it is succinct that the existing poor relationship between the US and Europe originated from Cold War in Russia. The war was intensified by the US and USSR struggle to control other nations like Afghanistan.


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