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Rising Sun considers itself as a revolutionary organization against the political set up of the United States. It has been structured on the basis of maintaining liberation struggle by the Islamic community against the process of state terrorism added by economic exploitation over various Islamic areas by the establishment of sovereign kind f governance by the United State. The ideology is based on the concept of Jihad [1]. There are some determined threat warnings led by the Rising Sun within intelligence communities of the United States. Risk created by Rising Sun is meant to break the proceedings of security marked against it. It has been structured to destroy the procedures of surveillance led by the security authority. There are attempts to initiate room for laundering money for the growth of the organization. The organization aims in destructing securities in the border for illegal cross border trading and to create obstacles against the measures of handling terrorism by the government. The organization is very keen in terrorizing general public and victimizing them to prove their existence. The approaches are much enhanced in order to smash the process of sharing information of the intelligent communities and to spoil national peace and security in particular.

Role of its leader Jon Smyth towards public is more like a hero than a terrorist. The information of having and attitude makes him a kind of person who stands as an idol. However, there are also the issues of economic subversion, assassinations, recruitment of younger people in terroristic activities, creating havoc in the political activities and cases of extortion over Jon Smyth that create the negative personality in him for the public. He lends adequate degree of territorial legitimacy towards the militant group ‘Rising Sun’. This group aids by the capability of recruiting civilians. These people are further trained and are made capable to train group members for using war headed tactics and weapons. The members are used as contact in accordance to avail ordinance as well as munitions thefts. Jon Smyth has been also detected as a man with conservative mindset that dominates the group and construes and exploits it for the attainment of devotion and loyalties as per the religious and racial convictions of the members.

Eventually it is apt to consider that the organization Rising Sun can be well framed as a terrorist group under the definition of terrorism as led by Terrorist Research and Analytical Center of FBI (1994) -"the unlawful use of force or violence, committed by a group(s) of two or more individuals, against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives." (Presley, 1996, p. 3)

In order to deal with the instances of threat among public, it has been noted that there are various sessions of drills and initiations related to preliminary understanding of the terroristic organization. These approaches can support people a lot to fight back the risk and fear within themselves and thereby assist the security measures for a more protected society. It is important that various public as well as private sector associations identify tools for the assessment of risk and threat led by Rising Sun. this will help in managing risk and prioritizing security demands among public. Participation of experts from multidisciplinary team is needed for the application of valid sharing of threat information to offer judgments related to consequences led by various threats.


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