Free «Winston S Churchill’s Speech» Essay Sample

Who wrote this document?

This document was written by Winston S. Churchill. He was a British politician whose efforts guided the United Kingdom during the Second World War. He served as Britain’s prime minister for two terms.

Who is the intended audience?

This speech was given to the House of Commons. Churchill, the prime minister, was writing to the House of Commons that had been summoned urgently to discuss the plight of the country during the Second World War.

What is the story line?

This speech is set during the Second World War, and Great Britain is engaged in war with Germany. Churchill feels that Great Britain must win this war, and he says that most tactics of the war must be planned in the country (Britain).

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Why was this document written?

This document was written to convince the House of Commons to support the war. It was also to inform the house about the proceedings of the war. Churchill also took this opportunity to show Britain’s determination of winning the war.

What type of document is this?

This document is a political speech; it has all the characteristics of a political speech. Churchill uses this speech to drive his political views of winning the war.

What are the basic assumptions made in this document?

The author assumes that the audience or readers already know that the world war two is ongoing. He also assumes that the audience understands the need of winning the war.

Can I believe this document?

This document is credible; Britain and Germany were engaged in war, and Churchill was very instrumental in winning this war. Some of the events in this document are also recorded in history.

What can I learn about the society that produced this document?

The society that produced this document was a monarchy. There is a King mentioned in the document. The society is also democratic, and the prime minister is addressing the House of Commons.

What does this document mean to me?

This document assists me understand the Second World War. It also makes me understand that many governments had to face lots of hardships in planning for this war.


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