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American politics is a very hot issue; under a huge debate of politicians and public both. And the more critical thing which is being discussed among each political party is the increasing gap between the Republican and Democratic parties. Initially it is very important to discuss that what influences voters are putting over the legislative behavior of these polarized Congress parties (Fiorina, Samuel and Jeremy, 2011). Major analysis has been done on the congressional districts, so the voters have gained a lot of knowledge about the differences between the two parties. And thus the same rationale has been used by the voters to vote for the states presidential and also as a substitute for its partisanship. If we say that each state and congressional district gave almost half of their votes for two parties then the deviation of this result would be zero from the mean.

If we see the voters attitude in last few years it can be easily said that their response is relatively flat for both parties in old times but now this response has got immense changes. And if we specifically talk about last some elections than it is again very clear that in some districts voters voted in favor of Democratic candidates at both district and state levels. While at the same time in other areas of state votes were seen in more favor of Republican Party thus casting a lower voting scale for Democrats. If we say how much the public voters have deviated then it would be very high in last few years depending on the political changes and changing views of voters (Theriault, 2008).

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Another most important issue which should be included here to make the discussion more fruitful is that how congressional rules and procedures influence polarization. Congress has been noted as a divisible party and the congress politicians are more ideologically influenced and polarized then the normal public. Now polarization among the US Congress party is impacting the whole political system of US in both positive and negative ways. Especially the polarization has increased the level of competition among the two poles of Congress; Republicans and Democrats, and the level of improvement in the political system. But along with such things the competition may be dangerous for the state in a way that the polarization could gain such level that the parties would agree to do anything to keep itself from the other pole or party. So this polarization should stay in a safe boundary otherwise intense competition would damage the basic structure of the state politics (Eilperin, 2007).

Polarization is seen among the US Congress from last approximately thirty years. And this polarization was very obvious in the earlier period too, so its impacts are deep routed. Now if we talk about the impact of this polarization over the policy making, than it can be said without doubt that the structure and rules of policy making are severely affected by this polarization. Policy making has become more complex and deep routed for the both poles apart. Democrats and Republicans have noticeably moved poles apart thus they have made the policy making more complex by demanding more rights by each party.

Whenever policy making occurs, there is a huge debate among the two parties about the segregation of rights and justice for members of each party thus policy makers need to be very careful while designing any new policy (Davidson & Walter, 2010). If anyone would have given more privileges the standards of policy making would be challenged. And in that case the policy makers would be in a bigger trouble. Policy making has to be crystal clear for both the parties so that the system remains in the state of equilibrium. Although still the political system is not stabilized due to this polarization but few restrictions keeps it going.


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