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Ignatieff Keeps Digging a Deeper Hole for Himself

In this cartoon, the issue that is being depicted is the polls by the public for the liberal party of Canada in relation to Ignatieff. The Canadian liberal party is the old3est registered federal party. It has been opposing the parliament of Canada ever since the federal election of 2006. It dominates federal politics in the history of Canada than any other party that is found in the developed countries in the world. Ever since Michael ignatieff was elected the liberal party leader in 2009, he is still the leader of the party.

The cartoon was made during the time when there were federal elections in Canada when Michael ignatieff had poised to be elected the leader of opposition liberal party. He is an author and academician. He was also vying for prime minister in Canadian native language.

Message communicated

The cartoon tries to show Michael ignatieff was really not on the safe side as long as politics were concerned and that the way he did his campaigns was not the right way that could have helped him win the sits that he was after. It shows a picture of him in a very deep hole that he himself had dug for himself. His is a problem that no one can help him solve even if he tried to seek help from his team. He is seen as a person who can not maintain or sell his image to the public and this is why the cartoonist thinks that the public polls for the liberal party were going to be low.

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People do not actually understand this man and it's like they know him for the first time. He has not made himself clear to the public and this is the cause of his many problems. In the cartoon when one looks keenly in the sides of the hole, the cartoonist has written some words there which shows how this man likes to imitate those who have been there before him. He is not clear as to what and how he wants the public to perceive him but want to follow the footsteps of others. To the public, this might mean that he is not decided on what he would offer once selected and may end up like those other people he is comparing himself to.

The public is frustrated by this man more than ever. They are not really able to get to understand what the intentions are. They do not learn anything from this man who is supposed to lead the liberal party that is believed to be the major alternative to the government. He is thus the only person to blame for creating this to the public and making them loose faith in him due to his presentation understandable. A lot of information that is not sorted is floating around him. He is seen as a person who has little confidence, responsible, efficient, brave, determined, and is not able to insight as other competitors.

Cartoonist was biased

However, the cartoonist did not show the other side of Michael Ignatieff as far as politics is concerned. This man has got a lot of influence and he could even make the prime minister of Canada. The pollsters who conducted the voting did not have the time to find out why the public thinks for example that Michael Ignatieff is inferior to the other competitor; Harper. Many however say that they found his has just visiting and this really created a very negative image for him. There are fewer things that have been said about him that are positive compared to the may that are very negative. All of the negative are believed to be his own doing and thus he is really the one who wants to be in this very deep whole.

Michael Ignatieff is thus his own problem. He has gotten into news without him himself making the news for him and has to let the news made from the polls all about him. More coverage for example by the media is going to be more on the other component than on him. As the public really thinks, he is always out talking to people and they take it as if the man only goes out to go and visit. His is not interesting since there is nobody wants to repeat the same news day after day. This way he is taken to be an empty suit. He is always in the middle and needs to thus stir up and seem to be energetic even to the observers.

Effectiveness of the cartoonist

From the cartoon, he has not dug the hole in one day. He has been digging it for a while now in bits. The sooner was he supposed to realize that he was taking ways that would have led him to down fall and lack of faith from the public the better it could have been for him. He has waited and contributed to the deepening of the hole and it is as if it is so difficult for him to come out of it.


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