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Free «Kansas Poll Results» Essay Sample


The essay will base on Kansas State, and it will explore the exit poll results for past elections. It will show ten results from the polls that indicate something interesting about the relative strength of the parties. It will include a letter to a presidential candidate explaining the recommendation necessary basing on Kansas election data.

The relative strength of the parties

Assessing the relative strength of Kansas State is a challenge, but polls generated a lot of interest in the year 2008. Kansas first congressional district poll showed little change. According to CBS, 1500 Kansas adults, among them 1,315 registered for voting in the republican primary of USA. The exit poll for presidential race indicates female (52%) preferred Barack Obama unlike their male (48%) counterparts who voted for John McCain in Kansas (CBS News, 2008).

The age spectrum indicates that Barack appeals to opposite ends, and get better votes from youths with McCain faring better among the older voters. Hillary Clinton fare less better unlike McCain than Obama who did better among the youth voters, but he did well than Obama among older voters.

The age and gender relationships in voting for presidential elections pattern change throughout a year of election. The analysis shows that some key groups track over the election course such as middle-aged voters (30-64) thus dividing equally between Clinton, Obama, and McCain (Jones, 2008).

The recommendation letter to Barack Obama basing on the data

The trend lines of the pollster needs a statistical technique to drive them. In the estimates of the polling trend, summary tables should show achievements of those election results probabilities. The use of proper statistical technique is crucial because it will enable an appropriate probability estimate of a candidate leading on the Election Day. This technique should consider all statistical power of the available polls, and correlation evidence of the trends in other races, and other adjustments of statistical information that deem suitable. The pre-election polls should be conducted before the campaign day to provide accurate forecast of the election outcome. This will also enable the readers to put the estimates of the trend into the context.


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