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I still hold on to the views I raised

Israel is preparing to celebrate its 62nd independence holiday in Jerusalem. During this celebrations there is remembrance of the 1948 sacrifices and the later battles, which marks national achievements, but this years anniversary is surrounded by several controversies  which pose a question whether citizens have their freedom.


There are political, territory and peace controversies that act as a threat to Israel's Independence Day celebrations. The peace process between Israelites and Palestinians is deteriorating, and the US presidents attempt to look for a resolution to this conflict is not bearing any fruits since Obama does not understand that Israel doest want political interference from foreign countries. Benjamin Netanyahu's temporary and grudging West Bank settlement delays  and Arab and US anger over campaigns to construct housing units in East Jerusalem are desolate reminders that this central issues need  to be tackled. Even if George Mitchell, who is Obamas envoy manages to initiate proximity talks, there is uncertainty how direct concessions can recommence.

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There is high deligitimisation of Jewish state. This encompasses campaigns in the US and Europe for anti apartheid style boycotts, divestment and bringing battle crimes against Israel citizens and politicians. This strengthens a feeling of infuriated victimhood and does not take much consideration of the global effect of last years Gaza war which is viewed by several Israelites as self protection against Hamas rockets in which approximately 1,400 Palestinians were killed. These controversies make the Israelis to be in unhappy mood while celebrating their independence day.  The concern of most Israelis is that the disagreement was over after the construction of the West Bank wall and this is a state of complete denial because the conflicting still persists.

An Israeli peace camp can only be found through achievements of Palestinian Authority in West bank.   Palestine prime minister slam Fayyad, is establishing  stronger institutions and economy that will be the that will sustain the future state in spite of the political stalemate.  Surveying the incidents of the last year, it seems that Netanyahu will be supposed to bow to the pressures of US president Obama for substantive concessions with Palestinians or accept the probability of a globally compelled settlement before Israel celebrates its 63rd independence holiday (Black, 2010).

The diplomatic holding act that Israel is undertaking against Palestinian identification has been partially successful. Both the European Union and the U.S. congress have expresses their resistance to a unilateral affirmation of independence.  However, the position of Israel is eroding because of new countries recognizing Palestine within the 1967 borders.

The White Intifada may be passed in August or September, as target date Palestinians have set for declaration of an independent country approaches.  Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and President Mahmoud Abbas are outflanking ink Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Benn(2010) argues that the joint Maneuver they launched which entails establishing institutions of statehood whilst also attaining global recognition which  detaching Israel, and making it appear like a nation that discards peace and persists on maintaining the settlements.  Netanyahu have numerous alternatives in his attempt to frustrate Palestinian independence but its is too late for him to present a diplomatic program that can convince other nations in the world whilst still benefitting from the support offered by his rightwing coalition.


My stand is that amid the ongoing celebrations, there are several politics, territory and peace controversies overshadowing Israel. There is international pressure from countries like US which requires Palestine to be declared an independent state. Additionally, the joint plan used by Palestine president and prime minister of establishment of institutions of statehood is detaching Israel and making it look like a state that disregards peace and insists on maintenance of the West Bank settlements.


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