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The purpose of this essay is to argue why Obama’s healthy care plan is ill conceived and is doomed to fail. The plan is already raising public concern as it will be too expensive and too ambitious and will have a negative impact on the welfare of Americans. For example, some doctors feel that it will lead to inferior health care due to the influx of Patients who will be flocking into physician’s offices across the country to seek treatment. This will most likely triple the physician’s patient lists forcing them to ration the health care (Doctors Wage War against Obama's Health Care Overhaul, 2009). The bill is awash with rules that will obviously result to poor quality health care and longer waiting lines leading to immense suffering for the patients. By influencing the health care policy, the government will make it hard for the patient to properly contract the doctor which will dilute the service offered.

Obama has been toying with the idea of covering the 47 million uninsured Americans but the concern here is at what expense. Offering poor quality health care will not come as a relief to them but will likely spell doom to the health care. Looking keenly at the bill, it simply emphasizes on quantity rather than quality hence compromising on the service delivery.

 The plan, as it is, will be too expensive for Americans and is thus likely to be counterproductive. Over the next years the congressional budget office estimates the plan cost $1 trillion an amount that will be borne by taxpayers according to Allen (2009). Given that the current annual budget stands at $327 billion and is usually in large deficits, the tax payers have no better reason to be wary of this unrealistic plan. This will most likely place a heavy burden on the American taxpayers who are already grappling with the effects of the current recession.


The care plan will not be of any good to the majority of the American citizens (Ostrichfreak, 2009). The whole idea is adventurous and will not bear any fruits to the Americans. It will be too expensive to be borne by the Americans who are already struggling from the effects of the credit crunch.


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