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Power is a ranking ability in which an individual or an office is considered to be above a group of management which lies beneath it. This is considered exceptional where one entity of power is final and no other powerful office can override it. The differentiation in power occurs in most organizations as there exists different levels of management for the successful and efficient running of the organization.

With power as a key factor in any organization, it is important to know that communication within the members of the hierarchy in the organization is vital i.e. members of higher rankings have to communicate to their juniors with efficiency so as to cut down the flow of information by reducing the rate of information flowing out from other departments and vice versa.


Politics is considered as the collection of decisions by groups of persons. It is a terminology that generally applies to behaviors that are commonly found within the confines of civil governments but has also played a major role in corporate, religious and academic institutions around the world. These are observable socially; and involve the use of power and authority as a factor.  

Power also generates the tendency to misuse it by acting in crude ways and exercise. This is termed as corruption and is evident in most parts of the world. ‘Corruption’ is defined as the use of bestowed powers to acquire illegitimate gains with an individual to settle his/her own self proclaimed interests. The abuse of power in terms of being corrupt only results to forms of of corruption which vary.

Politics in organizations create unstable atmospheres as different groups fight to possess power. In this view the strongest groups clinch the highest ranking management levels hence making it difficult to have an efficient running organization. It is recommended to have an organization where politics is least experienced as this creates good social relationships within a working environment.

With politics and power in place, we are supposed to have in mind that these two aspects of leadership are intended to have grounds in acquisition of power. Power and politics are two aspects that run in tandem as each of them needs the other.

Power has its visualizations in form of a pyramid. This means that a powerful person in a high ranking management level is depicted by the number of people he/she is representing within the organization.

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Politics is open to various groups who wish to come up with a decision which in turn adheres to policies formulated while power is restricted to a few who have the opportunity to fall at the apex where power is concentrated. On the other hand, politics in organizations has limitations. This is, workers who wish to fight for class are deemed to encounter the greatest assortment of criticism.

With power, one is in a position to exercise unlawful rights depending on what their motives are. This is done with individuals who intend to have self interest at the organization rather than doing what the aims and objectives of the organization are. With politics, one is entitled to adhere to meet conformities that abide to a certain organization’s goals.

Power and Politics have brought about the dismal performance within organizations worldwide. This has happened as many high ranking officials go for the unskilled workforces who are either related to them or in dire need to acquire favor and fame. This has been witnessed especially in the developing world countries where lack of jobs is on a high note. With this in mind, it is obvious that organizations are not set to grow as this is a form of corruption which under develops the organization. As a result of this, power is seen to have the great measures over politics.

In any prosperous organization, we find that leadership is a core value aimed at structuring the organization. Different organizations assume various leadership styles that are aimed at providing tactics which mould the organization. The most important style of leadership is how an organization is managed and its administrative policies.

This impacts an organization as great leadership skills on the management part play a big role. With organizations laying out strategies in which to follow, management leaders should state the importance of ethics while working towards achieving certain goals and objectives. In this respect the management should only ensure that those who work within the organization are persons who are capable to foresee the organizations objectives and that goals are met in time. This can only be done by picking out qualified personnel to do a job in the best way possible.

Since property is a right and that it is vested upon individuals and groups to enjoy benefits, it is of the greatest importance in a political institution. In institutions such as the military, the military is subjected to swear allegiance to the state as it is a case risk to the national security. Since the state has powers to act on every case of criminal law; be it a case of feud, or ecclesiastical justice, it is entitled to handle justice.

With the state having superiority, there has been evidence late in history that the royal courts are the only courts which had the mandate to store written records as there were more skilled workers to handle that kind of job. The legal proceedings at that time introduced by the corts was trial by a panel of jury which sought after justice to cases concerning clans.

With the protestant reforms in place between the church and the state in most developed countries, the state maintained to attend to business matters of administering justice; this is because the church and the state have different styles of leadership and so one of the two had to take lead in administering justice. This is a clear indication that power is a key  factor in decision making as this gives a management level in an organization to make decisions which most are taken from political motives.


In this context we see that for effective leadership, there must be rationalization of power and politics which come in handy. For higher ranking officials it is important that qualified personnel and the right ethics while running an organization are of the utmost importance if at all an organization wishes to see itself on the prosperous end.

Higher ranking officials who engage themselves in malpractices due possession of power pose a high risk of tumbling an organization. This has been evident as leadership in institutions such as JP Morgan Chase have contributed to the economic slum down which in turn has brought about a huge economic crisis worldwide.

With this in mind, it is important that great leadership skills are portrayed in the current time that we are living in. This will help build our knowledge in approaching events and dealing with issues affecting organizations.This will in turn revive hopes of working in in a good environment. As much as high ranking officials would like to exercise their powers on their subordinates, they have to have in mind that the same subordinates have to receive good treatment so as to work efficiently.The use of power which is also known as corruption is also unaccepted under all costs.


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