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For the first time in America, the health care reform has taken the top priority on issues of great concern and importance. For the first time in fifteen years, this aspect has become the top priority in the agenda of the senate. The increasing rate of uninsured citizens and the rising costs of technology are issues which the system of health cannot avoid but face. Citizens are straining to meet the overall increased health care costs and the soaring costs of goods as a result of hiking of prices by businesses because of high insurance costs that have made them to increase the prices of their products so as to cater for this deficit. Citizens dig more into their pockets to be able to provide reliable health care for them and the family and others have to skip the health coverage.

The health care reform in America is of great concern because of the increasing number of citizens who are uninsured and the rising costs of technologies. When Obama entered into power, the health care issue was at its peak and the rate of uninsured citizens was quite high. This indicates that the problem of health care is also high and needs a lot of attention if the population is to be addressed in terms of medical issues. Hospitals are normally funded plans which stem from a contribution by individuals to a scheme by using their salaries. Most of the citizens who have the health insurance plan either get it from government programs, through employment or from their spouses. About 45 million Americans in 2005 lacked health insurance and the figure has increased with time (Goodman, 2009). Monthly, about 2 million Americans become uninsured because of their inability to give enough funds which can support the program (Goodman, 2009).

. The policy is maintained by using regular funds. The majority of uninsured citizens fall between the ages of 18 and 25, young people, who have not been privileged to have a formal employment. The location of person’s uninsured and underinsured following a specific pattern because of the level of awareness on the need of health insurance among the members of the community has not been efficiently carried out (Kronick, 2009).

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The United states only provides access to emergency medical treatment and labor wards even if the patient is not able to pay but it does not provide the same benefit to non- emergency rooms. Today, just less than10% of the total percentage of the citizens purchase the individual health insurance cover. Some Americans are not provided with the health insurance cover by their employer, or they cannot afford to take insurance cover. A study carried out by Health Affairs estimated that, insured people received approximately $35 billion in the uncompensated program in the year 2001 (Kronick, 2009).

The uninsured and the underinsured conform to particular needs and requirements in the environment which has affected their practices especially with regards to acquisition of health care. The uninsured rely on direct payment for the health services they use, the uninsured groups access health services in an irregular manner due to difficulties in financial status. Over the counter method of purchasing drugs is a common method among uninsured people (Iglehart, 2009). The underinsured populations access health facilities regarded as not providing the necessary type of services in terms of quality and services

The need for provision of an effective good health care and covers for all citizens is very crucial in America today. Each hospital setup and healthcare homes are trying to embrace the new changes in technology which bring in new developments (Iglehart, 2009). Due to the enormous increase in the medical sector technologies, the leading players have devoted most resources to research and study on this topic so as to produce the best services and maintain the lives of its citizens.

Many costs are associated with the introduction of new technologies in the healthcare systems. These costs include the introduction of the actual costs of the technological machinery, the costs of installation and litigation fees. Pharmaceutical costs on the other hand, have increased due to the usage of genetic drugs thus making those unable to obtain good health care to suffer when purchasing the drugs (Iglehart, 2009)

Health care center is recognized by all bodies as providers of every form of health care and is expected to meet its goal. Some issues include; a safe healthcare avoiding injuries which might be done to patients, services to consumers based on scientific knowledge and avoiding services not likely to make individuals benefit from it, service provision in a timely manner, reducing the long waiting and sometimes delays harmful for those receiving the health care, efficiency in the provision of services i.e. avoiding wastages of supplies, and being equitable implying, providing health care services catering for all (the gender, ethnicity and geographical location). A complex system implies that the procedures involved during the administration process of health services to an individual is very complicated and thus at the end of the whole process it may not meet the demands of that particular consumer.

The new plan by Obama on the need for reforms in the health care system in America is a brilliant idea if the health care system is to succeed. Obama proposed a new law governing the hospitals, physicians, health plans, the government and medical suppliers (Goodman, 2009). This law was to improve the health care services of the various users as well as making sure that the spending of the nation was utilized in such a manner as to provide essential services like proper medical health. The so called universal coverage proposal which Obama and the senate passed to cover the uninsured and cut down the expenses often incurred in the health care centers would see the reduction of prices in the overall health care provision. This plan is expected to cut down the budget that the government often makes concerning the health care provision while at the same time covering the millions of Americans who had been incurring a lot of costs in the health spending.

I support the proposals developed by Obama because they propose that the health care system will only be universal and all the citizens will follow the stated laws within the health care system. Affirmative action, as proposed by Obama needs implementation so as to be able to overcome the aspect of historic and continuing aspect of discrimination of some group of individuals. The various unethical issues associated with discrimination will be eliminated if the proper action is taken (Katel, 2009).


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