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A scholarship is a very important thing that helps students to get better education. This paper reveals the reasons why I have to get the scholarship. It shows my achievements in the past and future plans for my career. 

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I like the prospect of working as a dental assistant. I am sure I can show my best abilities while studying in this institution. I am going to get a quality education and receive a high level of training. A scholarship would give me the opportunity to spend more time on learning and less time on searching for ways to generate my income. I think I deserve the scholarship. At a young age I set a goal. Step by step I'm getting closer to it. My grades have always been high, as it is one of the keys to successful career.

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Since childhood I dreamed of becoming a doctor and helping people. I am resistant to psychological disorders, stress and other things that may hinder my work. Despite slight mishaps that can happen during my work, I still cannot imagine myself doing anything else. I think that a dentist who I will be working with will be confident in my competence and ability to help. Also, I am sure that I will be able to replace him in some cases if it is permitted. I have no doubt that my charisma will help the patients feel relaxed and comfortable during the visit.

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If I receive the prestigious job, I will be able not only to support my family, but also afford entertainment. In addition, I will have the possibility to continue my education and develop further in the dental field. With every patient I will get more practice and will improve my skills. After graduation I am planning to work in private dental clinic or public institution. However, after obtaining the necessary certificates and deepening my knowledge while practicing medicine, I will be able to open my own dental clinic. In addition, I would like to simultaneously evolve into dental pharmaceutics.

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