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A child’s development is highly dependent upon the kind of basic educational background that the child will receive. As a matter of fact, a good background will bring about stability in a child’s educational journey thereby presenting him or her with an opportunity to understand the process of education better. In my research project, I intend to carry out a study on nursery rhymes and its relationship with a child’s ability to master language. Broad as the subject of study may be, the purpose of my study will be broken down into five major topics that will be addressed in my final concept paper. These are as indicated below;

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Mastery of rhymes

Rhyming skills make it very easy for children to understand various pronunciations and sequences of letters that sound the same. For instance, a child who is able to pronounce rhymes that end with –ight will be able to comfortably read words that end with the same. In my final concept paper, I will show more details and evidence that support the concept of understanding rhymes as key in developing mastery of language in children.

Linguistic Development

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I will also intend to look at how best children understand rhymes with the intention of helping them develop their phonetic skills. An understanding of such basic skills has been argued will go a long way in helping the child develop better spelling and writing skills (Maclean, Bryant & Bradley, 1987).  A child’s linguistic development is heavily dependent upon his ability to understand linguistic basics such as nursery rhymes. Parents therefore play an important role from earlier stages in the life of children to develop dialogue that will help the child to enhance his or her phonological skills.

Reading and spelling

There is a correlation between reading and spelling and an understanding of nursery rhymes. According to Bradley (1980), children who have an understanding of rhymes have the ability to develop proper reading and spelling skills although the latter will in many occasions prove challenging to an extent (Bradley and Bryant, 1985).  Although there are other various factors that will determine a child’s ability to read and spell, it is apparent that mastery of nursery rhymes plays a major role in their ability to read and spell. From my target population, I will look at the various factors that go hand in hand with a child’s development of phonological skills.

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Factors that determine a child’s ability in phonology

Majority of my target population are American natives and this means that English is most definitely their first language. However, it cannot be assumed that all other children have a strong background in as far as English speaking is concerned. Some of the factors that will determine a child’s ability to understand the rhymes and consequently phonology may include a child’s background, IQ level, a child’s age, and educational level of a child’s parents inter alia. Having established the above factors, I will seek to delve deeply into the possible ways of helping a child with such limitations overcome and develop interest in mastering language.

Solutions to challenges facing a child’s ability to develop phonological skills

Having developed an understanding of the major ways in which phonological skills is important in a child’s development, I will go an extra mile and determine some of the solutions to the problems that face children as they develop their reading, writing and spelling skills. Some of these solutions include private tuition for children with lower IQ, more practice in order to develop better understanding as well as exposure to more full and half rhymes.


At the end of this research, I intend to publish an article that will provide more insight into the process of developing a child both socially and intellectually. I intend to provide caretakers and parents with a complete guide to developing a child’s phonological skills in order to help a child develop fully.

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