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I really had a good time going through your essay ‘Cooperation and Conflicts in Jamestown’. It is outright that we have the same approach to the question. Actually, the analysis of the material facts in your essay is fundamentally similar to what I did. Just as I did, you started by analyzing the existence of or lack of opportunities in North America. You then went ahead to describe how people in other regions, such as Spain, have successfully invested and made reasonable profits. You also have given a clear chronology of events as from the coming of the English men to the current situation. This is basically a broader approach to the essay prompt topics, as opposed to some rushed and narrower view of the same. You carefully addressed the question of the challenges that faced the Chesapeake newcomers including hunger and risk of starvation. You went ahead to give examples such as the new comers perception that they were to be served.

Just as I did in my work, you also highlighted that the newcomers failed to plant crops and thus got the limited output. I particularly like it when you mentioned the planting of corns (Daniels, 63). This is so because it is one of the most profitable crops that the new comers explored. I am, however, skeptic when it comes to the many sentences that you drew from the text book. Although you tried to paraphrase and put the in text citations in some, I still find them very similar to what there is in the text. This is particularly so because you used only one reference material. In a nutshell, I can say that your essay is consistent with the college standards in as far as clarity of argument, wordiness, sentence structure, punctuation and spelling are concerned. I, therefore, can give you 80% because despite the highlighted mistakes, you successfully answered all the required questions.


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