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Paul Zaloom is an American theatre performer who has excelled in fashioning trash/garbage to make an impression on stage. Trash is waste that is usually shunned, but Zaloom utilizes it to make an artistic impression. “His readymade puppets transform society’s waste products into entertaining commentary on society’s wastefulness.” He tactfully uses garbage to depict American culture, and to reveal any misdemeanors by the administration.

It is amazing the manner in which Zaloom uses trash to make satirical depictions of the American environment. In one performance, he shows the state of a nation under decay; there s a lot of garbage that is set to consume the nation. Simply put, the citizens are wasteful and are not conscious of environmental pollution. Zaloom also uses junk to create the New York Metropolis. The busy subway is laden with dirt, and dilapidated carton boxes represent the South Bronx slums. Politicians who feign sympathy for the poor are a stark contrast. Zaloom uses flashy objects (shiny apple, soda top and briefcase) to depict opulent politicians who visit the slums. Zaloom goes further to demonstrate the suffering of the poor inhabitants of the lower east side. They are ruthlessly evicted from their flimsy paper houses. This is a true depiction of a real life scenario. The settlements of the poor are normally cleared to make way for more posh, lucrative establishments like fancy malls. In Zaloom’s act, the paper houses are leveled and luxury condominiums are set up.

Zaloom also criticizes the attempts by the civil defense authority to protect America in the event of a nuclear attack. In accordance with the safety measures taken by the government, 20,000 buckets of dirt should provide an average American home with ample protection from radiation. Underground silos are also set up for the post-nuclear era. Zaloom ridicules the government for expecting a war that will be perpetrated in a systematic manner. Wars are random attacks, and it is not pragmatic for the administration to make guarantees of safety. Overall, Zaloom has used trash to make satirical acts of the administration, and a nation that is gradually submerging in its filth due to widespread pollution.


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