Free «Dance Critique» Essay Sample

1. Write about your observations and reactions to the performance as a whole. Include observations and reflections on the length of the performance, variety, music, lighting, costumes, performance quality of the dancers, etc.

The dance lasts for thirty-one minute. The dancers do a commendable job in this dance. The performance is considerably of high standards. This includes the music, the variety, the costumes, and lighting. The music in this dance is symphonic. All the dancers are dressed in ballet apparels, and they all look good in the costumes they wear for their roles.

2. Select one specific Dance OR Act and write about your observations and reactions to the following:

a. State the dance title,

The title of the dance is Swan Lake Act II: Le Lac Des Cygnes thechoreographer, of the dance is Lev Ivanovich Ivanov. The composer is Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

b. State what specific section you will write about

I will write on the second act of the dance since that is what I find most interesting of all the acts.

c. Describe/discuss what you think the style/genre was (Modern dance, Ballet, Jazz, Other)

I think that the style of the dance was ballet, because the dancers wore costumes, similar to those worn during ballet dances. In addition, the movements and the hand activity during the dance all signified a ballet dance.

d. What do you think was the purpose of the choreographer?

The purpose of the choreographer is to show that it is possible to triumph after a long time of anguish. The conclusion comes out from the way the dance ends.

e. Was it clearly presented/easily understood?

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What is easily understood from the dance is that the dance is about a love story, in which the lovers are considerably loyal to each other.

f. React to the dancers as individuals and/or as a group relative to their performance qualities

The dancers are good dancers at their personal level, making the group dance excellent. Their personal expertise as dancers helps make the work of the groupsuperb.

g. React to the production elements utilized in the dance (lighting, costume, props, scenery, etc.)

The lighting used in producing this dance is relatively un-proportional to all the other elements. The lighting was used rather excessively, overshadowing some of the other elements. For example, the deco was proportionate to the costume but the lighting overshadowed it. Altogether, the lighting helped capture significant incidents in the dance, for example in the piece when Odette receives a bouquet of flowers, only for the light to up again. Dark lighting here helps capture the smiles on Odette’s face when she gets the bouquet. On the same note, bright lighting brings to attention the fighting on the flowers that takes place. The scenery was quite precise and captivating. The props in use were relevant and displayed the expertise of the dancers.

h. What was unique about this piece that added to its success or failure as a work of art?

The use of appropriate costumes and expertise dance of the dancers brought out this piece excellently as a ballet dance. The choreography of the dance was also superb making the whole performance quite fascinating. It also used classic deco, which went hand in hand with the costumes, thus coming out as a perfect match. This added to the richness of the piece of dance as a ballet.

3. Relative to your responses to question 2:

Why did you choose this particular dance/section to write about?

I chose to write about this dance since I found it the most interesting among the others I had attended. In this dance, I found the second section more attention catching than all the other acts. In addition, this act brings out what a good ballet dance can be like. Therefore, this act is a good example of the same.

What was most memorable?                                    

The most memorable thing in the dance was the costumes that the dancers were dressed in as well as the props used. One could not overlook the perfect use of the ballet costume in the dance. Apart from the experienced dancing by the group members, their costume and props crowned the dance.

What did you like the most? (Why?)

What I liked most in the dance was the arrangement of the swans on the stage while they danced. The arrangement when two big swans were standing and the small ones were kneeling. However, in general, I liked the experienced dancing of the dancers. It was evident the the creators made some changes in the classic choreography and the dancers were making jokes by deliberately  , which  made the dance more interesting and attention catching.

What did you like the least? (Why?)

What I liked the least is the way lighting was used in the dance. The lighting overshadowed some other elements of the dance. If it were more properly arranged, it could have brought out a better impression of the dance than it did.


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