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The presentation “Myths, Misfits and Masks” by Sana Amanat tells about social norms. The author depicts the relation in the society against the background of comics. Amanat explains how stereotypes can affect a young personality. People tend to create certain labels for some social groups, but they need to realize that everyone is a unique person with their own individualities.

The presentation shows how people perceive each other with the help of the labels. It becomes a social norm of life to separate the society into the groups that are distinguished according to some characteristics. These can be a color of the skin, religion, nationality or physical abilities. People make labels and do not separate an individual from the mass. Unfortunately, it puts pressure on the person, and it is hard to overcome such repression, especially for young people. Thus, the labels negatively influence the process of the character development. The normal reaction to abuse is the feeling of malice or offense. However, when young people try to get rid of the labels, they hide their individual elements. Besides, we see ourselves as a unique personality. We do not consider that we are all equal, but still pin labels on others. We hide our personality under the mask of the stereotype. Afro-Americans or Muslims may feel not comfortable in the society that makes labels because they are all absolutely different and everyone has some individual and surely interesting features that make them heroes of their own life. All the people can be superheroes and create personal stories. It is not a shame to be different; moreover, it is a great advantage. The young people should not destroy their personality, but fight for it. Sana Amanat considers that labels limit our possibilities, and she calls for unfolding one’s own myth. All the superheroes differ from each other. Maybe they do not appreciate all their characteristics, but they can help others. Thus, it is the purpose that people nowadays should pursue - to break the stereotypes.

I absolutely agree with Sana Amanat that all the people can be identified as the heroes of the comics. Moreover, everyone may feel comfortable in the society, but a person should accept and recognize the advantages of the individuality. It is also important to show that other people, to be useful for the society and be ready to help someone. However, it does not mean that a person must wear a funny costume, mask or the certain symbols like Spiderman or Superman. It is important to feel these personal, unique symbols deep in your soul and heart. When one recognizes all the personal defects or faults to be exclusive advantages in the society, then one will feel really happy and satisfied. In addition, we must help each other to understand this because it is the main mission of the superhero in the real world. Also, I like the central idea expressed by Sana Amanat: “Do not be satisfied with stories that have come before. Unfold your own myth”. Only if everyone in the society destroys the stereotypes and creates an absolute personality who can be helpful, the world will become better and people happier. My observation of the world proves this idea. For example, one my close friends was bullied in the school, where the classmates called her ugly. She overpowered that, changed her appearance and became a psychologist in order to help young people to overcome such problems.

Thus, the presentation by Sana Amanat is a significant step in the fighting against stereotypes and racial and religious prejudices. It is a new and fresh idea of how to make the society better and change the social norms. Amanat proves that we are all the superheroes of our personal comics, we are unique and special.


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