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Equality of partners in heterosexual marriage is the central theme of the essay “Reinventing Marriage” by Fenton Johnson. The traditional marriages were based on gender roles rather than respect between one another. The emergences of homosexual marriage idealized and championed by guys and lesbians has changed the marriage set up. Johnson argues that marriage between people of the same sex is characterised by equality as the issue of gender does not exists. However, inequality is still evident in these marriages.

Equality of homosexual partners is more of theoretical fact than of practical reality. Inequality in marriage is not based just on gender but also includes financial contribution, age, and roles of partners in marriage. Partners in a family, whether homosexual or heterosexual, will obviously earn different amount of money, hence make different contribution to the family. The partner who contributes more in sustaining the marriage will gain control of the family issue. This is a major cause of the inequalities. Age difference also creates inequalities as elder partner has more influence in the family than the young one. Lastly, the role played by partner in the family brings a difference. A masculine man has more power than feminine man (Olson, 2006).

The essay “One is Not Born a Woman” describes how the society and culture have compelled people to take gender on the basis of the sex. Monique Witting proposes that the women are not born but are a product of culture. She disregards the fact that women were born to be defined in relation to men. She concludes by disapproving the notion that women have biological origin, but society and its culture places people in gender classes.

I concur with the fact that women are not born but are the product of their culture. Though women have some biological differences from men, their abilities are more or less the same as those of men. Every woman has the ability to perform better than her male counterpart. There are many women that do not qualify to the standard the society has set up for women (Sontag & Leibovitz, 1999). Some females possess men character which indicates that they do not fall in women category. This proves the fact that women are a product of the society and not biological origin.


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