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In this short essay, I chose to write about the Titanic Movie. The movie's theme is about a love affair between two young adults from different social classes. The love affair was unacceptable by the lady's family because the suitor was from a lower social class and the family had selected a perfect suitor of a higher social class (James and Cameron 5).

The focus of the essay is on a love circle involving two people, from completely different social backgrounds. A young man named Jack Dawson was a talented artist who was brought up in a poor social background (James and Cameron 5). Mr. Dawson was young and charming but could not afford to pay for a luxurious traveling trip, until he won a ticket in a poker game, to travel the world on the Titanic. He was fortunate to leave England on Titanic's first voyage. His fate changed when he met a young beautiful teen age girl from a rich social class. There developed a mutual attraction and a friendship evolved from their first meeting (James and Cameron 5). Dawson being an artist, knew how to express himself humbly. He also had respect for other people and most commonly knew how to treat a lady with respect. The lady's name was Rose DeWitt Bukater and she was to marry a man of her class through an arranged marriage. She hated the man because he was disgusting and she never loved him but their families thought they were fit for each other. Dawson was very attracted to Miss. Bukater and kept her happy and relaxed (Kevin and Gaylyn 64). She felt trapped in her family circle, unsure how to escape. Dawson's social class was unaccepted in Rose's family and the culture could not accept a union of people from different social classes. Caledon who was supposed to marry Rose, was jealous of Dawson because of his good relationship with Rose. He decided to save his own soul when the ship wrecked.

The affairs that brew between the young lady and the artist because of the love connection between them was mutual though forbidden by the lady's family (James and Cameron 5). The fortunate fate of the young artist was unbelievable. The discrimination imposed on Dawson did not discourage him from his ambitions. He was humble and honest (Kevin and Gaylyn 64). He was courageous enough to save Rose when the ship sunk and she lived to remember the good man he was.


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