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1. The main thesis of Singer’s essay concerns making the right decisions to assist people suffering round the world due to the lack of medical care, shelter, and food. Singer argues that if people could make the right decisions, there would not be such a social torture in some parts of the world. He took an example of refugees in the East Bengal, who were dying in the horrible circumstances. Singer argued that if human beings made the right decisions and actions, such sufferings would be eradicated. Some countries are using their funds in the development oriented activities valuing the country development issues more than the lives of approximately nine million refugees in Bengal. I agree with Singer’s argument that making the right decision by individuals or countries will eliminate such situations, which arise from either natural calamities or are caused by humans (Singer 89).

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2. Although Singer is a utilitarian, he reaches a conclusion that people should be working hard in order to prevent suffering associated with lack of food and other necessities. Singer argued that he did not contradict his utilitarianism. His statement criticizes the standard behavior of the people; most people do not do what they are expected to do and become self-interested. Singer should have concluded that all nations who are well economically should assist the hunger stricken areas. He should have also concluded that people should assist others independently, not considering others who are in a similar situation.

3. However, utilitarianism can be used in order to reach a conclusion different from Singer’s. Basing on the arguments of Thomas Aquinas, physical goods are meant for human satisfaction. He says that what a man has in abundant should be given another one who is lacking the material goods (Singer 101).

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