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Multiple social issues rise because of inequality in pays and employment. There are so many inequalities in our social system – unequal employment opportunities and pays are one of them. This paper will analyze two articles, moreover conclude these articles with findings and/or results. 

Income inequality and social dysfunction by Richard G. Wilkinson and Kate E. Pickett

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Article summary

The article suggests that a big reason of vacuum between rich and poor is material inequality. The biggest disparity that directly affects poor people is unequal income. It creates great mess in poor people’s life. The inequality in salary, wages, pays, or remuneration gives less food, fewer amenities and fewer healthcare facilities to the poor people.

In addition, due to the unequal pay most poor people cause great illnesses, mental stresses and other health issues. Their unhealthiness affects not only them but also put immense impacts on their children and on the society they are living in.

These poor people are becoming unable to play a part in society development. They also become unable to give healthy generation. There should be equal conditions so that everyone can avail a healthy and prosperous life. 

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After reading the above article it has been revealed that inequality in salary can create great mess for poor people. It has been observed that there are fewer social and health problems in the equal societies. But, unequal conditions directly affect the health of that person who is unable to eat healthy food, to avail the amenities and unable to avail the healthcare facilities. It is the fact that most of these people become stressed due to different status in the society. So, the conclusion/finding is an equal pay system can resolve the problem of social dysfunction as was explained in the article summary.

The mark of a criminal record by Devah Pager

Article summary

A nation is a combination of different ethnic groups. There are a number of cases when employments and high pays were awarded on a racial basis, and one big example of it is white and black ethnic conflicts.

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This inequality aspect creates not only unemployment but also cause panic in the specific ethnic group and in the society as a whole. By and large these people are found to be culprits in criminal activities. They put themselves in criminal activities quite largely with a distress mindset.

 There are a number of studies conducted on this specific issue, furthermore these studies are witness of the prejudice practice going on in society. There are a number of examples where injustice prevails. One of them is the human resource management system that is applied in an enterprise which completely rejects criminals who want to change themselves.


In the above article, it has been found that inequality in the employment opportunities creates great panic. One standard in society for inequality is racial discrimination and the second is no job opportunities for criminals.

The results came out that this discrimination and inequality is not good for society. These elements can create chaos in the person’s life that is going through the unemployment period. Moreover, it can create chaos for the whole society as well. Therefore, it has been found that equality in employment opportunities as well as in the pays can grant peace and prosperity in the society.    


At the end of treatise, it is better to restate the thesis which is inequality in pays and employments raise multiple social issues. In this essay, two articles have been examined regarding to same issues as mentioned in thesis statement.  It has been revealed that equal pay and equal employment chances can give relief to the poor and criminal people. They can also live a peaceful and prosperous life by having equal pay and equal employment opportunities


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