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By looking at the article ‘AMR executive says pilots doubt idea of US Airways merger,’ it occurs that there is high level pessimism about business mergers. In order to facilitate better performance among service delivering firms, there has been an increased urge for various organizations to collaborate to make it possible for them to share skills and avoid unnecessary competition. Merging among firms makes it possible for all the different parties to come together and work towards similar goals and objectives. However, not all members of the various groups are usually content with the idea of joining efforts since there is always some fear that some individuals may attempt to exercise more superiority than others.

There has been an attempt by the US airways authorities to combine with other flight companies within the country to work together towards a common goal. Leaders of these firms which include among them the AMR Corp have been doubtful if pilots will be satisfied with the initiative. The pilots are uncertain whether the US airways will manage to successfully instigate equal and just handling of the different workforces and enhance mutual relationship among them. There merger idea has drawn varying support among pilots with those from smaller airlines doubtful whether they will have equal chances compared to those from more senior airlines. In addition, major flight unions have been so supportive to their pilots such that they would hardly welcome the idea since they are known encourage union contracts. 

It is suggested that to ensure that all the interests of the different parties are met, those interested in a merger have to consult widely by holding discussions with members of the creditors panel who are highly esteemed when it comes to critical decisions. Therefore, all the different parties should be made to believe that they will have equal recognition and opportunities if they resort to an amalgamation.


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