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“A Hard Day’s Night” is a song composed and sung by the Beatles. The song takes the form of a rock genre and is written by John Lennon. A Hard Day’s Night gives credit to Lennon McCarthy. It was released in 1964 on the movie track. Later, a single format of the song was released with “Things We Said Today,” as one of the Beatles production (Lennon 78). A Hard Day’s Night first featured as a soundtrack to the feature film first done by the Beatles. It was comprised in the album named “A Hard Day’s Night,” by the Beatles. The title of the song, “A Hard Day’s Night,” originated from the Beatles’ drama, something suggested by Ringo Starr. According to Ringo’s situation, he experienced a working scenario where he was forced to work all day inclusive of the night. After the job, he still thought it was daytime because it actually seemed a hard day. When he looked around, it was dark, and so said, “So we came to A Hard Day’s Night.” The title inspired the composition of the song, “A Hard Day’s Night” (Glynn 12-15).

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Lennon took the thoughts of Ringo and composed the sound track of it within a single night. The original copy of the song is found at the British Library. The Beatles then grouped at Abbey Road studios where they composed the sound of the track in the form of a movie. Within duration of three hours, the song was ready to be produced and selected the ninth for release. By around thirty past eight the following morning of that day, the track had been released in what was described as a situation of a genius.

Release and reception

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A Hard Day’s Night was fist released at the US on 26 June, 1964. The album of the song was named “A Hard Day’s Night.” The song was released by the “United artists.” This song became the first to be released without the use of a single pronoun in its title. The song was heard more by the UK residents when it got released on the 10th of the same month and year. The song got to America three days after the Londoners had enjoyed bits of it. After myriad productions and plays in the US and UK, not even a single song had led and held the title of the top album and singles like “A Hard Day’s Night” did. This continued until 1970 when the same achievement was done by Simon and Garfunkel on their song, “Bridge over Troubled Water.” “A Hard Day’s Night” sold as many copies as one million in the United States of America within a period of three weeks (Lennon 97).


The composition of this song enables the listeners to identify the song even before the start of the vocals. This is courtesy of George Harrison who induced Rickenbacker 360/12 12-string guitars in the opening chord. This was specifically done by George martin with an intention of opening the film together with the soundtrack PL. The beginning of the sing was therefore made strong by this feature.

The opening chord of the song has some dominant function in that D is played in bass by McCartney while F, D, A, G, and C are played by Harrison and Martin. This gives the song a mixture of several colored neighbors of F, two diatomic neighbors of A and C, and an anticipation of the tonic G. through the guitar, the subtonic is made a borrowed chord as commonly used by the Beatles. The chord has some surrogate dominance with G being anticipated within the G major chord within the first verse. According to Alan Pollack, the composition has a mix of G major due to a missing B, and F major. This chord has some relation to the Beatles’ pandiatomic harmony. Other analysis of the opening and wholesome chord of the song “A Hard Day’s Night” suggest that the song is made up of twelve different chords.

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The recording of “A Hard Day’s Night” showed the use of raised vocals through out together with the chorus. Lennon sings the leading vocal while Paul sings lead on the middle eight. While handling the chorus section, McCartney sings the high harmony while Lennon sings the low harmony. George Harrison handles the instrumentation on the Rickenbacker 12-string guitar, while George Harrison handles the piano to normalize and record the song. Recording was a big challenge since it involved solos. At its end, Harrison plays the arpeggio in the opening as it fades out. The final chord is a split third chord (Rolston 45-68).  


“A Hard Day’s Night” is composed under the key of G major. Its time signature is four by four. The verses are composed of major subtonic chords as part of the opening verses in an embellishment or onarmentry below the tonic.

The lyrics of the song talk about an enduring love and devotion of the singer to his lover. She toils over the devotion since this could give him something to purchase the things she loves. She complains that his lover often comes home when he is tired and not able to accomplish his duties. However, the singer reiterates the fact that the things he does perk him up. The first and the last repeated verses display the “working like a dog” scenario. However, the singer’s girlfriend is reassured of that the energy and mood are replenished by her ministrations (Di and Richard 45-56).

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