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‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’, aired on October 1, 2012, depicted how Obama’s administration has always shared some premonitions in concern to the deadly attack on the United States of America’s embassy in Benghazi.

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My understanding of the show is limited and sometimes extended by what I saw in the documentary. The documentary, Orwell Rolls in His Grave, has specific considerations when compared with the show under research. As such, my understanding of the show appears to change and take equilibrium of understanding when I consider the sentiments posted in the documentary. Many claims have been announced in the documentary. These claims appear to be ascertained by the show. For instance, ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’ stimulated many controversial understandings of Obama’s sentiments in regard to Christianity and Muslims. As claimed by the documentary, the random acts of frustration, depicted by the show, prove the fact that the US has declared its alignment to Christianity, though with less regard due to the direction and perception taken by Mr. Obama. My thoughts remain firm on the fact that Christianity has been well established in the United States of America since ancient times. With Mr. Obama’s views, Muslim religion has not superseded Christianity. Nonetheless, the clash between Christianity and Muslim religions is an important issue, which should actually be discussed from a broader perspective. This is because of the fact that terrorism has not happened due to influence of being a Muslim or Christian in Obama’s life and views. The attacks on the US embassy should actually not be attributed to religion differences (Stewart et al., 2004).  

The documentary proclaimed on various cases and events of corruption and government misappropriations of citizen’s votes and rights. As depicted by the documentary, there has been a long range of corruption cases in the United States of America. This amount of corruption cases simply coincides with the difference which has been in existence for a long time since the coming up of the American Christianity and Muslim goodwill in the world. The documentary claims that many US officials are being involved in corruption; on the other hand, I get to understand the fact that not all claims that Obama is a Muslim are grounded on data. There is information concerning government malfunctions, which are often confused and wrongly expressed by the media. The media have often been trusted to fulfill and meet people’s needs at all times. However, the fact that the media have been some kind of a liability in the US corruption cases brings a limelight of the weaknesses contained in the US government and the social organs as a whole. With this perception, I am able to understand that the occurrences of attacks on the US embassy could be a duplicate of the same scenarios, which are depicted in the documentary.

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According to ‘The Daily Show’, there exists quite satirical criticism of Mr. Obama’s administration. The deadly attacks in Benghaza have attracted no attention and action from the government. Certain acts of malice occurred, yet the authorities did not cater and respond back with stern urgency. As such, the show has posted varied claims concerning corruption in the US government, which resemble those portrayed by the documentary. Corruption is a present aspect that has attacked most organs of the US government, yet with less or no actions being taken by the state. As far as the act has been termed criminal or even a terrorist attack, equitable measures should have been taken by the state or the responsible government on the possible suspects behind the attacks. As claimed by the documentary, the government of the US has often hosted lackluster procedures, which actually had no sense. As such, it has often taken considerable time before truth was finally unveiled. This has often been followed by blackmailing the social media; thus, various social media failed to reveal the truth concerning what was done by the government officials without knowledge of the citizens.

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There is much in common between what was posted in the documentary and ‘The Daily Show’. Most acts involving Muslims have often been termed as terrorist attacks. The administration of the United States of America has not taken any reputable actions against the offenders though. This looks like an attempt of the administration to deliberately fail to exemplify what actually entailed the attacks. The authorities often lied to the people of the United States of America and the world as a whole. The government attempted to conceal the events, thus making itself look better and not involved in the attacks. Moreover, it has put all blame on the American individual citizen who has just practiced freedom of speech by airing his opinions. This is preferably the opinion of many in the society and the world. Therefore, it is quite satirical to acclaim to the prospects of the US on the attacks, together with those from the Libyan nation. Similarly, the documentary posts numerous cases of lies from the US government. The documentary reveals incidences of hypocrisy and corruption among the American leaders.

According to the documentary, there is a perceived relationship between the government, corporations, and the Fourth Estate. Within this perceived relationship is an incumbent lie, which appears to mire every plan and put away any revelation towards the truth. Lying has taken a tall order in the US government as depicted by ‘The Daily Show’. The media are blamed for their double speak in that corruption is evident and appears to grow each day within the US government. The voting processes, since the times of Jimmy Carter, have embraced corruption in its ranks. For instance, the passage of President George Bush to the ruling dominance in the US was ascribed to have taken place due to cases of malfunctions and corruption among the voting predicaments. Many incidences of corruption have been reported by the media at present, yet they were covered up during the times of election. In this case, the media is accused of covering up vitally essential information that should have turned the elections otherwise. The controversial elections of 2000 showed that anything could be done by the state since it totally submitted to the demands of the corrupt officials in the government. The media kept watching the occurrences of malice and corruption without unveiling the truth to the American citizens. As such, the media together with the government became a cheat to the entire state. On the other hand, the same media unveiled the entire stories behind the US embassy attack. However, truth was and is yet to be established as to whether the attacks were planned and performed by the Muslim communities or by the gangs or militia groups in Africa.

The makers of Orwell Rolls in His Grave would respond with similarity of thought to the news show chosen, as well as to its revelations. This is because of the fact that most cases depicted in the show are similar in concept and content to those of the documentary. The show portrays incidences of corruption among the American top leaders. Moreover, the incidences of misunderstanding cover up and satirical criticism are evident in the show as posted by the documentary.


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