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Sometimes, a simple choice of the future major may turn to be a single minute into the entire millennium. As for me, I never doubted about my choice of the future career. This is why I have chosen to apply for the Master Degree in Strategic Public Relations.

I have a good background to go for this graduate study. I took a number of courses and trainings, and also undergone a few workshops, specifically in writing marketing and communication plans, creating press releases and editorial content, negotiation and PR strategy, media management and film production. I always tried to keep tuned to the latest innovations in the industry.

I can support my intentions to become an expert in the public relations area with my various work experiences. My duties included monitoring the media, maintaining the corporate PR communication and strong relationships with reporters and producing the company’s media strategy. I also developed and kept tight relationships with members of local communities to resolve the problems on spot, prepared media reports, assisted with major promotions, prepared activity reports, created 3D animation, and never left out the situations, requiring immediate attention and reaction.

I strongly believe that I would qualify for the graduation program as I am a very dedicated learner. I will be the most devoted student. Master’s Degree in Strategic Public Relation would be a starting point of my career, which would help me develop as a professional PR strategist. Communications would become my cup of tea for the rest of my life.


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