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Methods of Research

To begin with, there have been some effects of marijuana on the creativity/ productivity of the mind as it has been put forward by many scholars. In connection to this point, there have been notions that have been put forward for the drug to be made legal so that it can be utilized for its medicinal value to increase mind productivity and creativity. In this context, the proposed research is to find out information on Marijuana and its effect on creativity/ productivity. So to speak, there are several methods of research that will be made use of in this context so as to come up with good and as such enough information in regard to the topic of concern.

In fact, researching on this topic, may not be as easy as it is presumed and therefore, it calls for one to employ both secondary and primary methods of research in order to at least get information which is worthy. In line with this, it is important to employ the use of books addressing the topic as sources of information. Given to this point is that there are many scholars who have addressed the topic in books and thus; the books can be used to solicit information. On the other hand, there are also journal entries that have been made by people on Marijuana and its effects and as such, it would be a good step to make use of such journals.



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 As well, most of the journal articles are out of researches made by researchers. As a matter of fact, most of the researchers carry out researches and as a result; they write journal articles of which one can get information from. Needless to say, there is also the aspect of making use of credible web sources of which discussions are made on Marijuana along with its effects on creativity/productivity. As a matter of fact, sources of information are quiet many and varied and as such it is imperative to use several sources of information.

In the same line of thought, the use of surveys and interviews can be utilized of the effects that Marijuana can have on the mind of the individuals who make use of it. Basically, the surveys can be carried out on people who take the drug and those who do not. In line with this, the resulting information will then be compared. Needless to say, the surveys will be made on the cognitive ability of those people who take Marijuana and those who do not. Results will then be compared to see their performance in regard to the tasks involving the use of mind or in short, thought-involving tasks.

The number of participants to be used may be about 40 individuals with 20 of them as users of the drug while on the other hand, 20 individuals without an experience in the use of the drug. Apart from this point, another experiment will be performed which may take in about 2o volunteers of individuals willing to take Marijuana. In this context, 10 of them will be given Marijuana and 10 of them will be used as instruments for a control experiment. Following this point, the 10 individuals administered with Marijuana will be tested of their cognitive ability by being tested on their memory or ease with which they remember something. On the other hand, the other 10 will also be tested and resulted provided. Given to this point, actual experiments will be used as primary sources of information and secondary sources as well will be made use of with the examples of books, journals and web sources altogether. This will then be combined with personal skills of research to come up with a complete research on the topic of concern.    

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Following the methods of research provided, it is crucial to bring in the discussion regarding Marijuana and its effects on the creativity/ productivity of an individual. In consistent with this point, McCollu (2001) points out to Marijuana as to have a medicinal value as discussed in a congressional hearing. Marijuana in this case has been associated with safe driving and as such, it can be said that Marijuana improves the functioning of the mind (p.91). However, there were varied views on Marijuana being made use of as medicine and thus, it called for more research to establish its effects on the creativity as well as the productivity of an individual.

According to Basara & Montagne (1994), Marijuana has several medical values that have not yet been realized since it can be used to treat glaucoma, vomiting from cancer chemotherapy, nausea and asthma.  Apart from this point, it has been pointed out that Marijuana adds to memory enhancement and increased creativity/ productivity (p.188). Following this point, it is important to state that Marijuana has effects on the creativity/ productivity of an individual not forgetting that the drug is still illegal. In this milieu, efforts should be made to establish the whether or not, that the drug enhances memory and generally the productivity or creativity of an individual. Having backed this point with scientific research evidence, then this may contribute largely to the legalizing of the drug in order that it may be utilized for medical purposes and thus improve on the creativity/ productivity of an individual. Finally in this context, the methods of research proposed will be able to bring out the point whether Marijuana has effects on the functioning of the mind; cognitive ability and the creativity/ productivity of an individual.


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