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Free «Voltaire» Essay Sample


Literature with witticism and criticism is influential to the reforms and revolution in the society. A very few writers and philosophers had enlisted their names as legends of that kind of literature. One the most prominent from them was Francois-Marie Arouet widely known by his pen name Voltaire. His efforts towards the literature and thought provoking, revolutionary philosophies had worked to change the society and spread awareness. He is also well known at present for his blunt writing style and an element of wit and critic in his writing work. He was one who was vocal for enlightenment and social liberties in very conservative era of social life which at last influenced the revolutions most prominently in American and French societies.


Candied is Voltaire’s most famous and at the same time most controversial piece of writing works. He conceived many character in this book from which one is Candide who bluntly blustered the happenings of those times and clearly opposed the cultural, social and political immature and imbalanced practices. The book was widely banned due to its profanation about religion, political bicker and cultural unfitness. Even though, the book was inspired by many due to its witty language and critical portrayal of human condition of that time. Currently, that piece of writing by Voltaire has a unique status in the literature and widely considered and read by the book readers.



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Voltaire’s complaints about French politics:

He had a great critic sense with profound touch of wittiness. He had exposed the French politics in his writing most particularly in Candide. This happens due to his exceptional social justice sense to be organizing and civilizing the political culture of the nation. He exposed with his tingling writing style the political mentality of the politicians and aware the nation about the facts. The background of the theme had been given by the happenings of those times. This had also brought him in front of the politicians which had been caused many difficulties to him. But, his bravery and blunt way of expression had given him confidence and courage to stand firmly before the bulls.

Voltaire’s complaints about French society:

Voltaire also exaggerated his complaints about French society. He had very bravely pointed out the flaws of social system and advised a realistic social justice system. In his book Candide where he had debate on many flaws of the nation he also talked bluntly on the awful social system in France. With the help of characters which he conceived to portray factualness in his writings, he portrayed the pathetic situation of French society. That is why he had have been widely considered a revolutionary philosopher and writer.

Voltaire’s complaints about French culture:

The cultural norms are considered a true reflection of each society. Voltaire had exposed the ultra feeble cultural norms of French culture in 1759. His very famous and most referred writing piece Candide has talked about the weaknesses of French culture. In this regard Voltaire stated in the Candide that “we must cultivate our garden". The element of optimism is also a major theme of his writings. He always put extra pressure to have an optimistic element in every aspect of society, culture and politics.


At the end of treatise, it is better to give full credit to revolutionary writings of a revolutionary writer/philosopher. Voltaire had influence to the society with his very polite, witty and at the same time very critical writing. His dedicated and brave efforts actually affected the social, cultural and political revolutions. More specifically it had been influenced to the French and American societies.


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