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Artifacts are objects which are humanly designed and can be used to study and understand something about the people, institutions, or cultures of the past (Read, 2009). There is an immense discussion on the importance of artifacts in human life. A number of available literature attests to the fact that, indeed, artifacts are important for human memory purposes. Towards this, artifacts are used to remind a person of a given event, place or culture which he or she interacted with during the given period of time. This paper makes a critical and succinct analysis of a friend’s artifact and further subjectively and objectively describes it. My friend has an artifact which is a drawing of State Library of Victoria. This great drawing was given to him by the management of the library as a present when he visited the library premise five years ago. He values this drawing, and he often talks about it. This artifact has a rich history and reminds him about his tour of Australia.

In the context of formal characteristics, the drawing of the building is a large architectural design which is magnificently assembled to cover a diverse range of themes and collections. In a period when the words “State Development” were coined to refer to urban revolution, the Victorian architecture and style depicted on the drawing was predominantly employed during the 19th century.  This monumental architecture in Australia  implies a socio-economic and political organization of the society as it stood as a fundamental path through which all the three societal aspects could be analyzed and ascertained.  This refers to the fact that the presence, sophistication, and the number of monumental architectures within a city symbolized the size of the state, levels of bureaucracies, and types of economic activities and culture of the populations.  In addition to the above, this artifact symbolized the settlement patterns of different tribes and states in Australia. In this regard, my friend holds dear his drawing of State Library of Victoria, and he will always carry it everywhere he goes.


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