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A social worker is a person who assists people and their families to tackle problems that arise in their lives (Specht & Courtney, 1994, p.3-4). Such problems include sickness, drug abuse, mental disorder, physical disabilities, child abuse, and uncivil disobedience. More often than not, a social worker helps people to come to terms with the problems that they face and accept them as they are. Many social workers work in government offices such as hospitals, prisons, courts or schools (Specht & Courtney, 1994, p.4). Besides the government offices, other social workers work in nursing homes, businesses or schools. In line with the commitment to help the community, a social worker conducts interviews and offer counseling to people or families that are affected in one way or the other. Social workers also evaluate the needs of the families and build up solutions to the needs. It is the work of social workers to assist community members to get help from the relevant professionals by acting as the link between the community members and the professionals.

The main role played by the social worker in the community is to connect the clients with professionals who are instrumental in solving their problems. Some of them teach in schools and other social institutions. They also evaluate policies relating to social welfare. Besides that, they mobilize the community to engage in various forms of social works. Social workers also conduct researches in order to come up with solutions of various forms of social evils in the society. For a person to become a social worker, he or she has to possess a great amount of knowledge and commitment to excellence crucial to succeed in the social environment. It is a very challenging job, thus the person has to prepare adequately for the setbacks that are expected to come with the job.

Reasons for Becoming a Social Worker

For a person to consider a career move to be a social worker, he/she should be prepared for the challenges that come about with regard to the job. The job does not attract a huge salary or does not make a person to be recognized or influential in the community. Being a social worker is actually a calling to help others who are disadvantaged in the community and needs extra attention and guidance in order to meet their societal needs. Despite all the challenges, I would still consider to be a social worker in my community because of various reasons listed below.

Understanding the Human Behavior

Human behavior is very dynamic and at times questions as to what determine or drive the human behavior are asked. As a potential social worker, I am driven by the curiosity to get to know well what really is behind the decisions that people make. A social worker is always attracted to the nature of human behavior and the various social injustices that take place within the society. This attraction is always backed by the need to work out possible solutions with regard to the problems that the people face in the community. This desire to understand the nature of the peoples’ behavior creates an attitude and a motive to research for solutions pertaining mental disorders, uncivil disobedience, and other social vices in the society.

Advancing a Cause That I am Obsessed About

As a young individual, I have a huge interest to become a social worker in order to satisfy my career wishes. Because of the personal experiences involving various tragedies, I am driven by the urge to share my experiences with the other people who are undergoing through the same experiences. This idea of engaging in social work will provide me with a big opportunity to assist others who are still held up with similar social challenges by giving them hope and encouragement.

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Commitment to Help Others

As a potential social worker, I will be in a fine position to positively influence the lives of the vulnerable members of the society, who comprise of, the elderly, the children and the disabled members of the society. I will be capable to help people find solutions to their problems like drug addiction, divorce, depression, and other emotional and psychological problems. Being a social worker does not attract a huge salary, thus, when a person is really interested in this work, then he or she has a true desire and urge to help others.

Attaining Personal Fulfillment

My urge to be a social worker is driven by the personal conviction to achieve a certain self esteem level. A social worker is perceived by the society as a pillar as he or she helps to resolve the psychological and emotional needs of the people in the society. Being a social worker proves to be a greatly pleasing career and it requires a character that is prepared to work in a stressful yet satisfying environment. Thus, I am a person who is courageous and prepared to conquer the expected challenges that come with the job of being a social worker.

Events that Inspire Me to be a Social Worker

When growing up in my childhood, a various events transpired in my life that gave me the motive and desire to be a social worker. My uncle passed on when I was only 14 years old and the stress, anguish, and trauma that my aunt underwent inspired me to be there for her. I took advantage of the situation to console my aunt and to be there for her in all ways, despite the challenges that came on my way. My aunt understood my concern and responded accordingly to my actions. I managed to walk my aunt through her anguish and trauma and since then we have been good friends.

Another event that contributed to my motive of becoming a social worker occurred when I was 21 years of age. I have a friend who used to abuse drugs and then cause disturbance to the peace of the community. He used to smoke marijuana and then pick up fights with whoever crossed his path. I became concerned as I never wished for my friend to  a stray; thus, I took a bold step to talk him out of the habit. It was not easy in the first place, but later he understood my concerns and thought about it. Later my friend stopped the habit of abusing drugs and causing havoc to innocent people in the community.

As an aspiring social worker I have an inspiration to work in the health sector as a community health worker. The main role of the community health workers is to sensitize the members of the community about potential health threats and means of tackling them. This helps to avert the dangers that the community might be exposed to in various ways. Health is the main stronghold to the society as a healthy society will foster development and growth.

I have a great deal of skills and commitment to excellence that prepare me to make an immediate impact in the field of social work. Apart from being a positive person, I am well equipped with efficient problem solving skills that enable me to tackle problems as they come. It is necessary for a social worker to be composed and avoid panicking whenever he or she is faced with a big problem that is hard to tackle or solve. I am a committed person who is competent in the social field. Besides that, I possess proper organizational skills, efficient time management abilities, and good communication skills. I am a team player and am able to work under minimal supervision. Apart from these skills, I have a good knowledge and an understanding of the law and legal measures that pertain to issues relating to social work. I consider these as my personal strengths that I have, to propel me to the job of social work. The only weakness I have is being impatient or rushing through issues without doing efficient consultations.

Child Welfare Reform

In many countries, social work is divided into children’s and adults’ welfares. The Department for Children always takes care of organizing for social work that is to the interest of the children. Under the Department for Children, there are social workers whose primary objective is to organize for children’s rights protection and ensure that these rights are observed and obeyed by the parents or the guardians of the children. The social workers under the Department for Children have the authority and obligation to take away children who suffer from abuse or various forms of discrimination from their parents or from their guardians. The parents or the guardians are liable to prosecutions or punishment if they are found guilty of neglecting or mistreating their children.

The action by the social workers to take away children from the custody of their parents has not failed to attract criticisms and petition from various sectors including the media. It is viewed to be very controversial and outdated as these problems can be solved internally without the need to take away the children from the custody of their parents or guardians. Actually, children need great protection as they are the future leaders of the society. Parents who neglect their children are perceived to be outdated and inefficient in the society and at many times they are not allowed to participate or contribute to any program or activity that cuts across the entire society.

Before any child is taken away from the custody of the parents or the guardian, there has to be a proper agreement with the court that will issue a court order for the social worker to take away the child; therefore, it is not common for a social worker who is attached to the Department for Children to just walk into any home and take away a child from the custody of the parents or the guardians. In very many countries all over the world, Child Protection legislations exist in order to protect the welfare of the young children who are seen as vulnerable members of the society. Children cannot tend to themselves without grown up adults watching over them.


Being a social worker is a great addition to the society. Social workers play a very important role in linking up the members of the societies with the relevant authorities that arrange for the setting up of the social institutions. For a person to be a social worker, he/she has to prepare for the challenges and opportunities that that are bound to come by in the course of the work. Thus, a social worker is seen as an efficient problem solver in the society. There are various categories of social workers that exist within the communities, some are attached to health institutions; others are attached to schools; while others are attached to the various government agencies. The social workers are therefore recognized by the government and have its support.


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