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There are many ways in which spiritual experiences can enrich and deepen our daily lives. They are God’s way of informing us about His divine presence in our lives. Spiritual experiences give us strength and energy to continue with our lives. My own spiritual experiences occurred in dreams with positive energy. I largely welcome them to be part of the beauty in my spiritual life. Every day of my life is influenced by spiritual activities that I practice. Praying every day has become part and parcel of my life. I am able to communicate with my creator and inform Him about my wishes. I have to devote some of my time everyday in praying and reading the holy book. While in the dreams, I experience an inward strength that has influence from my religious beliefs. The experiences are purely spiritual. The spiritual experiences are largely ever welcome as part of my beauty and spiritual life.

I was in a dream when I was experiencing the spiritual challenge. My in-law had been admitted to the hospital. He was suffering from a terminal illness. The doctors were giving a negative report on the patient. I had a belief that prayers can work. There was no hope that he will survive the illness. I prayed to my creator that the life of the patient be restored. I dedicated most of my time thinking and praying for my in-law. The doctor who was attending the patient had asked him to make his last wishes. One day in my dreams I saw my in-law recovering. I had a strong feeling that he will make it. Everyone in the society including my relatives was pessimistic about the situation. I kept on praying for the patient every day. I had a strong connection with the in-law. We have been friends since time in memorial. The illness had affected me emotionally and psychologically. I prayed to God that everything would be alright when the right time comes. Almost all types of medication had refused to work. Everybody including the doctors had given up due to his conditions. When on a dream, I had my conscience talking to me about the in-law. I dreamt that he had recovered and that he was starting a new life. When I informed the doctor, he said that I was joking. I did not want to inform many of my colleagues since they had all given up on him. The strong feeling kept on haunting me. I kept on believing that he will improve and that his normal condition will be restored. I saw the actual thing happening although it was in dreams. Two days after I had informed the doctor about my dreams, the patient’s condition started improving. There was no change in medication. The condition improved fully and the patient was later released from hospital. This happened in a span of two weeks. I believe that my faith helped to free the patient from hospital. He is very health to date. The spiritual experience taught me several things in life. One of them is that I should always remain optimistic of every situation. This is regardless whether the condition is worse or not. I also learnt that the inner belief of a person can work. When I narrated the situation to my in-law, he was very surprised.

In conclusion, spiritual experiences can change one’s life and way of thinking. They can beautify one’s life just like mine was beautiful. These experiences have been integrated into my daily life. I always remember to pray especially when I am facing the challenging situations.


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