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Few days ago I heard a joke about one intelligent man who got lost in the foreign country. Luckily, he saw two old men who were sitting on a park bench and talking. The foreigner came up to them and asked how to get to the station. They didn’t understand him. So, he started to ask them in different languages – French, Italian, German…But it did not help, they did not reply. The foreigner went away without any information. One of old men said: ‘What a clever gentleman! He speaks so many languages!’ The second man asked: ‘Did it help him?’ According to this joke we can make two conclusions. From the one hand, the foreigner did not manage to get any information, despite of being so well-educated. From the other, if those old men had spoken not only their native language, they would have helped the foreigner.

Look around! We live in a time of internet, mobile phones, 3D films and genetically modified food. We have all these stuffs, thanks to the science. Fifty years ago one would have called you ‘a crazed psycho’ if he had seen you speaking on the phone through a handsfree. In the time of Giordano Bruno you would be probably executed for ‘dealing in magics and divination’ (Giordano, 2012). Thank God, I live in the twenty-first century! I am very grateful to all the scientists for today’s life. We all are educated, and we are not afraid of lightning anymore. Today everybody knows that Zeus has nothing to do with it.

Nowadays, one can get education much easier than it was centuries ago. Education is not a privilege for the rich like it used to be. Now we can choose schools, universities and courses. One can pick his/her own way. For example, a friend of mine studies ancient Greek and Latin. It is interesting for him, and he is so excited that can read Homer in the original tongue. My friend told me one ancient proverb ‘Scientia est potentia’, it means ‘Science is power.’ I can not but agree with it.

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While searching in the internet, I found the following words: ‘Education means freedom from poverty, freedom from stereotypes that say people who look like you are dumb lazy drug dealers who birth children out of wedlock’ (What, 2012). Undoubtedly, education gives me freedom. I am absolutely free to choose and make decisions according to my knowledge, not being bounded by superstitions. Frankly speaking, I am so glad that every road is open for me.

In the future, the education will give me money or it is better to say the possibility to earn them. I will use my knowledge to find a best-paid job. Of course, there are a lot of people who work with their hands without graduating from school or university. Nevertheless, my father always says: ‘It’s much better to work with head than with hands.’ I fully agree with his proverb. I am sure that it is better to sit in the comfortable office chair than to work in the field and get my hands dirty. Probably, it is early for me to think about my own children, but even now I can say for certain that I would do everything to provide for my family. I know that education is the key to my dreams.

I can not say that everything depends on the education. It will not save me from the robbery nor from the cancer. Education will not solve all the problems in the world. Nevertheless, I believe that science and education can make our life easier. They can broaden our horizons. We can get a lot of information, can learn so much. I suppose that education helps develop a many-sided person.

Receiving a college degree is not everything for me because it will not stop an accident or prevent a quarrel with my parents. However, it will give me satisfaction of knowing that I am able to achieve the goal. Education can be used like a tool for attaining my aims. If I graduate from some university, I will be calm with life’s changes because I will find the way out.

There is one more good thing about education and well-educated people. It is always interesting to speak with well-educated person. For example, I have the uncle who is the teacher of biology. In my childhood, he used to tell me so many exciting things about animals, birds and insects. I thought that he knew every creature in the planet. Even today he surprises me with interesting discoveries. Well-educated person can hold almost any conversation and express personal point of view, and not just nod approval.

Education is not for lazy and narrow-minded people. Thanks to it you do not stay in place. Education gives me a chance to make personal achievements, to reach something by myself. It shows what person I am and what person I can become.

To sum it up, I want to say that education gives the possibility to achieve everything by myself. I can have a well-paid job and live in the big house at the seashore. I can become a scientist and invent cure for cancer. I can design flying cars or teleportation. I can also work in the university or search ancient artifacts. Every road is open for me. The only thing I have to do is to decide which one to choose.


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