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This essay is about my learning style and personal motivation to succeed in opening my own community recreation center. That is why I began to question myself about the importance of a college education. One major answer to this question is a large number of opportunities available for college graduates.

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Studying at college opens many doors for students, gives many opportunities and advantages. Educational policy is a combination of economic and social objectives. An educated person contributes more to the society and education provides a person with more opportunities for professional development.

The reason for seeking a college degree does not begin and end with the job aspect, because a quality education is beneficial from many different viewpoints.A college education becomes a gateway to better options. It also stimulates for additional growth and knowledge, being a way to learn something you’ve always wanted to learn. In my opinion, it will shape my communication skills, expand my knowledge base, make me disciplined and organized and expose me to a whole new world of learning. Additionally, I will develop my critical thinking skills.

Higher education skills will help in dealing with real-life situations while learning how to cooperate in a group. Making connections means a possibility to build relationships with people who are further along in their career than me. The ability to communicate with other people is vital in personal relationships too.

People with a college education have better value systems. According to experts’ view, college graduates are less likely to become lawbreakers, but more likely to become valued partners and parents.

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Many social service positions require a college degree. The ability to help others requires a person to be well-educated. In order to open my own community recreation center, I must study necessary disciplines as means toward practicing the process of management. Management cannot be effective without education. The program of training is planned to develop intelligence and practical skills to promote a sense of service. Having an undergraduate degree will allow me to realize my career prospects in the future. Students have numerous opportunities to gain practical experience and to apply their training to real-life situations. That is why they become professionals who are in a great demand on the job market.

According to my learning style I am a visual learner, because I learn things better from seeing them. I am skilled at spelling and I easily visualize objects. I also have a strong sense of color and can notice the smallest difference between various parts of objects and people. For such type of learner, visual tools are the most helpful things to remember information entirely. That is why I prefer to study through written job instructions, work guides and reference resources. The best chance for me of recalling information is using images, diagrams, maps, lists and other visual techniques.

As for my Grand Type I am a team facilitator. It means that I am an achievement-oriented employee, and I can be a leader. Of course, I like people and prefer to work with them. GEMS stated that people like me follow the set goals in a team and get a deep satisfaction from their work. I totally agree with these points and can add that it will be my management style in the future. I found many traits of the character in myself that were described in the GEMS survey. Therefore, it was particularly compelling for me to broaden self-knowledge and to be in control of my life’s logistics.


Education opens doors to many exciting opportunities and the option of sharing with others what you have learnt - be it a child, family member, or a poor person you meet.

Community centers play a significant part in the life of many local communities and networks.Recreation is essential to personal health and quality of life.  It reduces self-destructive and anti-social behavior; that is how recreation centers are valuable economic generators in the community.

Among the physical health benefits, we can note help in controlling obesity, diminishing risk of chronic disease, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, boosting the immune system, increasing life expectancy.The mental health benefits include reducing depression, relieving stress, improving the quality of life, personal and spiritual growth, and life satisfaction. Reducing crime, encouraging volunteerism, promoting stewardship, uniting families, building cultural diversity and harmony, supporting individuals with disabilities and seniors, developing youth, enhancing education and deterring negative behaviors – these are the social benefits of recreation. I wish to work with people and help them to live a happy, healthy and useful life, and, in agreement with my learning style, I can manage it.


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