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Writing is one of the lucrative fields of study I have endeavored to be part of. It has always been my innate desire to participate in research and writing since they are the corner stone of academic excellence. Before I joined the writing class, I had a positive approach towards what I was coming to do. Though I knew that the field is quite involving and tactful, I had already developed an innate affection for the field. My coming into this class has been supplemented by huge expectations. I had my own objectives of developing to be one of the most valuable, reliable, valid, and consistent researchers and writers in the world. I perceive a lot of ambition and desire by joining the class (Chan & Lutovich 45).

I like the topic of my writing - the Eleventh Birthday. This topic is a lively, literal, imperative and practical in day to day life. Exploring the topic and writing about it was a huge boost in developing my writing skills. While researching and writing on the topics under study, at first it was all explorative, touching, and involving. Making use of the writing skills was one of the things I paid the most attention to. I explored every possibility at my disposal to create a thorough and succinct piece of writing. For instance, I was always vigilant to write with clarity, confidence, and avoidance of errors. For instance, I felt enough confidence while making descriptions as “But when the sick feeling goes away and I open my eyes, the red sweater's still sitting there like a big red mountain,“ while studying Cisneros and Rachel’s story. I enjoyed the story and I was excited to use my writing skills. Cisneros, being the author, exemplifies Rachel as a shy girl, something which deserves a lot of research and writing. This resembled my previous writing on the birds of the air. In short, I like exploring and writing much on the topics concerning the nature, living standards, human explorations, fiction, lethargic synthesis and writing on scholarly journals, and many more. Therefore, this topic was one of the fields of my interest.


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