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When I grow up, I want to be an accountant. Accounting is generally considered the process of keeping track of business finances (James, 2004). It is concerned with analyzing financial reports. The reason I love accounting is because it offers numerous opportunities for self employment. One can simply carry out his or her activities at the comfort of their home. Hence, accounting can be considered a flexible career as compared to other causes that require one to be at a particular specific place, for example, teaching. Accounting is also a demanding career, many companies require the help of an accountant to run their businesses, hence, creating high chances of being employed. The career is well paying, and creates an opportunity to progress.

Accounting is can be considered the backbone for any business anywhere, to grow. The biggest economic contributor in any country is business, hence; there is need to have people who are good in bookkeeping. Knowledge of accountancy and the skills learnt, enable individuals who are good in accounting to contribute in the growth of a country’s economy.

To be an accountant, I will have to take an accounting major. Taking an accounting major will enable me take on the different accounting paths that are there. If I take the accounting major so many career opportunities will be opened for me, for example, I could study public accounting and become a public accountant, can also study private industry accounting.

Hence, the importance of accounting cannot be underestimated. It is vital that individuals have knowledge of accounting for personal benefit. This is because every person needs accounting in their day to day activities. Hence, being an accounting major gives me an upper hand, as I already will be equipped, with the accounting skills.


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