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The exemplary “diving shoe” invention is one of the most sensational and “never been” shoe inventions in the world market. The shoe is of real magnificence among those who are to make use of it both in sporting and leisure work, and even in official appearances. The diving shoe can take several forms, replacing the present shoe type. One of them can be worn on various occasions, under varied feelings. It makes one feel free and safe. The diving shoe is glamorous, seven colored, spongy, silvered, and light. It will beat any other fashion of shoe in existence. When one puts on this shoe, he/she feels comfortable and unique. The shoe is geared to be of magnificent benefit to individuals who do a lot of walking as well as to sporting specialists who always make use of light and customized shoes. The shoe is to be used by young children, mid-aged individuals, and old people, since it is available in various sizes.

The name “diving shoe” is a literal and practical name given to the shoe. The shoe itself literally appears to be diving in its external appearance. The design has taken the basis of a chopper or a fighting aircraft with a streamlined body. It comes in seven colors, ranging from red, orange, yellow, and all the way to violet. These colors have been designed to resemble those of a rainbow. The coloring extends from the rear end of the shoe towards the front, with more brightness on the frontal parts of the shoe. When observed from the top, the shoe looks like a dolphin fish. From its sides, the shoe clearly resembles a plane. When one puts on the shoe, he/she will appear diving in the air as the legs pass one by another in great strides. When running, a wearer of the shoe appears to be diving or flying in thin air.

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The shoe has been developed to suit a number of walking grounds or textures. The soles of the shoe come in two pairs, which are slid together. Apart from having a spiky texture, the shoe can be adjusted to a pure rubber texture. This depends on the walking surface. For individuals who are on a run over some rough or slippery surface, the sole of the shoe can be adjusted to spikes to ensure more grip and comfort. When walking on a concrete or tarmac, the sole of the shoe can be adjusted to a pure rubber. Inside, the shoe is designed for comfort to ensure more aeration and absorption of sweat and any other developing humid conditions. From the outer sole to the inner one, there are three layers with the inner layer appearing soft and spongy. The shoe has aeration inlets and outlets, which respond to the pressure of an individual as he/she walks in the shoe. The sole of the shoe can keep up with varying levels of calories since the different sizes come with specifications and approximations to various calories. Every shoe has been designed to support varying levels of calories.

The top part of the diving shoe has been designed to have two sliding layers. One of the layers is pure rubber in various colors. The other is pure leather, which can be polished black depending on the conditions and situations one is in. The sliding top covers of the shoe can be removed and replaced since they can be attached or detached from one another with the use of zippers. Besides, the shoe is remarkably light, comfortable, and can be easily adapted to the various sizes of individual’s feet.

The main purpose of the shoes is to be used in exercises, long distance walking, athletics, and other indoor and outdoor sporting disciplines. Apart from this, the outer configurations of the shoes enable one to wear the shoe with a black, brown, or pink suit. Hence, it can fit an office worker. One of the most comfortable characteristics of the shoes is that it can be worn with a jeans and a t-shirt or track suit. At the sides of the shoes, there are sensors and detectors that tell the weight of the wearer, measure the temperature of the inside parts of the shoes, and also relay the distance covered from the start. The diving shoes have been designed to cater for the special needs of some individuals as those suffering from foot arches and any other ailments. The orientations of aeration, measurement of weight, and temperature of the foot inside the shoe are all designed to cater for such exceptional cases.

The diving shoe design is only available to order at the manufacturer’s specified locations globally. Clients can order the shoes and visit nearby distributors who sell the shoes to make all the necessary measurements. The product is available in many stores and warehouses all over the globe. The product is designed to be marketed over the internet since the manufacturing company has also designed a website, which resembles the diving shoe. Moreover, the product will be marketed in various radio broadcasts, television adverts, billboards, and practical road shows.

In conclusion, the Diving shoe is one of the world’s best and yet-to-be unleashed products. The product is comfortable, appealing, and customized. It is available at reasonable and most affordable prices globally. This makes it accessible by all, whether rich or poor.


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