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Writing is an interesting assignment which I enjoyed before I joined this class. It gives one the chance to express his/her thoughts and feelings without the fear of embarrassment compared to a conversation. At first, I felt that writing was only for professionals, but with time I have come to realize that one does not have to be a professional writer to create an interesting piece of work. I started by writing about my life and other everyday experiences and this helped me realize that even well known writers like Ernest Hemmingway wrote about their lives by creating characters who represented them (King 32). Joining this class at the university will help me improve on my writing skills and widen my scope about life in general. I expect that at the end of the course I will be able to write improved pieces of work that can attract the interest of my classmates.

I enjoyed writing the essay “Eleven” by Sandra Cisneros, because the topic of study was about a young girl named Rachel going through a challenging phase in her life and trying to be understood by those around her including her classmates. This is an interesting story to analyze because Rachel’s age is the particular age period when many people experience crises mainly due to the impending adolescent stage. The story allowed a reflection on my own pre-teen years, which I think were similar to those of Rachel.

I like the topic of the essay because of different of reasons. The first one is the use of similes and imagery to create a strong attraction to Rachel’s predicament. Another aspect of the short story is the use of a simple language that clearly articulates Rachel’s case. The part of the essay that I think I did a good job on is describing the time when Rachel is mortified and feels hopeless, but hopeful that she will be home with her parents at the end of the day.


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