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Medicine is a field of human activity that will always be in demand. Being a nurse is, probably, one of the most rewarding professions ever, as it involves close interaction with people and enables one to render assistance to patients. Health is a fragile thing, and the calling of doctors and nurses is to keep it and restore to it, if necessary.

Excellent command of medical knowledge is not the only demand the profession of nurse makes. Personal qualities like calmness, patience, sympathy and ability to work in stressful situations and make quick decisions are essential. I believe I possess all these features, which in my case are partly innate and partly acquired by my work experience as a pharmacy technician which extends for 4.5 years in Jamaica and more than 2 years in the USA and embraces several pharmacy institutions. This job combined application of medical knowledge (e.g., for mixing pharmaceutical preparations) and administrative skills (for managing calls and maintaining patients’ profiles). During my continuous career I have managed to establish confidential relations with patients and was on good terms with colleagues and other work-related personnel. My performance has witnessed my enthusiasm and diligence.

Having obtained practical knowledge after graduating with a bachelor’s degree, now I strive for extending my competences in medical study by continuing education and aspiring for a position of a family nurse practitioner. I feel that I lack immediate interaction with patients absent in a position of a pharmacy technician and I hope I will cope with all the challenges a new work might present. I am a persistent learner and my academic achievements won me a membership in an honored Phi Theta Kappa society back in college. I really hope I will reach the same level of understanding with patients and co-workers as I did on my previous jobs. Communication with people is what I am good at and what will bring benefit both for me in terms of self-realization and career perspectives and for society en masse. Being a family nurse practitioner will enable me to interact with people of all ages, which is definitely not a problem for me, and get to know them better.

Wish to help people is what brought me into medicine in the first place, and I will do my best to make myself useful. I also do not exclude further career growth and conquering of new medical fields. Time will show whether I am fit for it.


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