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Motivations always keep the interest alive to do more than one job. Multitasking is not an easy job but not hard for someone who enjoys doing different work at the same time. In contrast, it needs special concentration and a temperament to deal with new environment and the demands of new work to manage it appropriately. However, a person who always makes him/herself busy to search the new ideas, he also needs to revitalize his/her energies to put his/her best into the new job to get the perfect results. It is not easy but not hard for a person who knows how to deal with it.

I am also a person who always tries to do something different. I all the time want to learn more things and desired to be called a learner ever, but, a multi skilled personality as well. My aim is to learn multi skills and that is why I am going to join a new job to satisfy my learning keenness.

My learning keenness:

My learning keenness and new job gives me a fresh breath to live a new life a different life. It is not that I regularly became fed up of my previous job, but, it constantly gives me a challenge to accomplish the new targets. In addition, I every time accept the challenges to make my self exigent and to upgrade my knacks promptly. It is fact that it affects the routine and comfort but it gives me the ultimate coolness to satisfy myself and my learning keenness.

Challenge the challenges:

Challenges are for conquer and he can conquer who believe he can. A type of outdo person is needed to face the challenges in shape of new job and one after one. The challenges are not hard or easy but the way one challenge the challenges make them hard or easy. My personality naturally allows me to learn the new things and get sufficient skill to master them appropriately. Appropriately getting the hang on new things needs temperament and enthusiasm.

Temperament and enthusiasm:

Temperament and enthusiasm can never be lower if you have motivation. Motivation is cardinal to peruse the changes or get the changes in not only professional but also in personal life to face the challenges in a challenging manner. The first, temperament, gives you the patience, continued participation and extensive struggle to get the right stuff. The second, enthusiasm, grants you the eagerness of getting the things done as early as possible. In a mingled shape of both of them the temperament and enthusiasm is the sprinter to get the job done.

Motivation and myself:

Actually motivation and I are so close with each other. I number of time get depressed but the wave of motivation awoke me to get ready for new coming threats and prepares myself to challenge the new coming challenges. Therefore, motivation and I has a relation which never ever let myself down and fuels me for the future endeavors.

For new job my motivation is learning keenness, challenging the challenges, temperament and enthusiasm. All of them make me geared up for my next coming endeavors.


At the end of essay, the influential aspect on joining a new job and I can be synchronized as one. Because, motivation for new job influence me and I influence motivation to get the new job. It is a vice versa, I am for change and change is for me. However, it depends on the circumstance in a great extent that changes influence me or I influence changes.


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