Free «Paint a Verbal Portrait of an Ideal Physician» Essay Sample

Aptitude hunts the most suitable profession. Moreover, it is neither a magic nor illusion to achieve perfect after work done. But, it is struggle which always keeps inline, shows the right direction and brings ones to his destination. Therefore, owning both aptitude and struggle bring out the passion which assures success.

I have very common but a special thought about medical professional. In my view, from a commercial point of view a professional skill gives you economic stability to get bred and butter for you and your family. Nevertheless, beside all the materialistic gains, I always idealize especially for a medical professional he should be a human friendly individual. Who should have courage to not only work for penny but also for puny. I think it is work for others which help to reach to the edges. Moreover, self satisfaction is success and it is only possible if you satisfy others.

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Hereinafter, professional doctor is he who always takes care of his patients. Care should not be dependent on the financial rewards. But, everyone should take it as a noble professional not only for the financial benefit but also for the human benefit.

I know a medical professional (Doctor) who always busy to search the needy people and treat them in their illness at their places. He not only utilizing his knowledge to earn money for his family, but, also he is giving benefit to the people who are in trouble. The troublous people obviously are unable to give money, but, one who serve the trouble ones and make them happy God will return the happiness to the server, it is a natural loop for everyone. I always admired the doctor I illustrate and wants to be like him.

I believe that I have strong aptitude, commitment for struggle and soft corner for humans. So, I feel that I am the best candidate for as medical student and will be the best professional as well. Living your life pleasantly with full of struggle and doing your job human-centered is the ultimate you can get from yourself and actually the required is alike


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