Free «Dogs are Better than Cats» Essay Sample

In the search for the ultimate pet, the battle has been between two domesticated animals. The two carnivores have different features that make them unique. The cat has a small size and is sensitive, these features appeal to cat pet owners. While the dog, with its strength and agility appeals to other pet owners. The battle over the years favors dogs earning them the reputation of being mans best friend. Some of the characteristics contributing to this reputation are compared to the cat to establish that dogs are better than cats.

Dogs are multipurpose animals; they provide companionship, security, and shepherding other animals. Dogs provide natural alarm systems against intruders when they bark. They are aggressive to intruders which ensure the property is safe. The territorial animals prevent other animals from entering the compound. Cats are not strong; their purpose is restricted to providing companionship and rodent control. They are only aggressive when cornered as they opt to run than fight. With respect to the purpose, the dog is the better animal.

Dogs are easy to train, at a young age the owners can teach dogs basic commands and perform tricks. The commands can be used to control the animal. Man communicates with the dogs compared to the cat. The cat is a tough animal to train; they tend to ignore instructions and are only interested if treats are produced by the owner. Dogs can perform impressive tricks if well trained and can be showcased to earn money. The ability to understand commands makes dogs better pets compared to cats.

Dogs can travel with the owner while cats are difficult to handle. Traveling with cats requires the owner to carry those using unique containers or put them on a leash. Cats look wield on a leash compared to dogs. Dogs will stay in the car and wait for the owner to return while cats will tend to be impatient if the owner goes for a long time. Dogs can be taken for a walk while cats prefer to stay in the house the whole day.

Cats are creepy animals especially the black cats; they are terrifying to encounter at night due to their reflecting eyes. Cats in the past associate with witchcraft; most of the witchcraft stories told portray the cat as a pet for the witches. The cat makes a hissing sound intimidate or scare its attackers, this makes the animal look creepy compared to the barking made by dogs. The cats are unpredictable animals and pleasing them required more effort compared to dogs.

Dogs listen to the owner and may detect sadness. Dogs try to cheer the owner through playful gestures. They look at the owner when spoken to and at times tilt their heads to show their attention. Cats have low attention span; they ignore the owner and at times may walk out of the room or nap. After a long day at work, the dogs show excitement on seeing the owner, but the cats will not bother unless they need to be fed.

The bond between man and pet is stronger when the pet is a dog compared to cats. Dogs are loyal to the owner till they die; cats will change homes if they feel that they are not getting the attention. Cats are likely to become strays compared to dogs. Dogs usually return to their original home after straying but cats never return. In case of danger, the dog will stay by the owner’s side while the cat will run. Dogs will alert the owner in case of a fire outbreak while the cat will save its self.


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