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It is undeniable that there are numerous historical figures across the world with who many people would wish to meet for various individual reasons. The historical figures have their outstanding characteristics, philosophies, and personalities. However, if I was asked to make a choice of the historic figure I would wish to have lunch with, I would definitely choose Martin Luther King Jr. King Jr. was a leader of his time, having made major contributions to America’s turbulent fight for democracy and activities in the civil rights movements, which later culminated in the 2008 election of Barack Obama. He made his voice heard in every state in America, making each citizen come to the realization of what his goal was.

King Jr. is a great individual who was - and still is - looked up as a role model. He is a person I may term as a vivacious persona of the modern era. I even wonder how different the life we live now would have been without King’s contribution. Would we be able to carry out some of the daily activities we nowadays do such as drinking water out of a fountain, swimming in the same pool with other people of a different skin color? The community and society we live in has been considerably molded by the famous teachings and speeches that Luther presented on the various congregations. It would be my pleasure to share a table - even if it was for a short period of time - with this person, who bore the dream that at one point, his children (the African-American children) would no longer be judged by the color of the skin but by the content of the character. And this dream came true in 2008 when Barack Obama was elected into the White House. With respect to this, King Jr. was not only talking of his own two children but of all the African people. He is the person who showed the way for Africans. He has made me understand that I have to stand for what I believe in as well as follow the dreams I have above and beyond.

Martin Luther King Jr., through his lectures and remarks, stirs the concern as well as sparks the conscience of generations. Besides, his movements in which he was the leader, he gave triggered momentous changes in America’s fabric of life. Having an opportunity to talk with Martin Luther would present me with a chance of asking him how his leadership qualifications can be effectively put into practice and they can be applied in the present world for purposes of further inspirations to all at a national as well as international level. I would also be able to have a firsthand interaction with a personality who could expound to me his philosophy of “somebodiness,” as he applied it in giving the poor blacks a new-fashioned sense of dignity and worth. Moreover, I would be honored to meet face-to-face with the man who believed in non-violent direct action as well as non-destructive and rational social change, galvanizing the nation’s conscience which subsequently leads to the reordering of the priorities of the nation. The above highlighted are some of the principal issues I would discuss with this historic figure in my pursuit to know more about him and his groundbreaking ideas.


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