An analysis essay is a paper which analyses various objects, events, or ideas. Here a student is required to asses and analyze the topic on which he or she is required to write such type of work. In writing such an essay a student must have great analyzing power as well as great capacity of putting down that analysis in words. Analysis essays need a very scientific way of writing them. After all in order to critically analyze anything one has to think in a very scientific way. Apart from that a student must have brilliant thinking skills to analyze an issue thread bare and come to the right conclusion.

Why Write an Analysis Essay?

The purpose of writing analysis essays is not to list out merits and demerits of a topic. Neither it is to persuade the reader in thinking in a particular way. Analysis essay just analyzes a problem and arrives at a conclusion based on the thorough examination of the matter.



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Many teachers like to test out the merits of their students by assigning them analysis essay. Since it requires a keen attention to detail, a sharp mind in order to analyze the things correctly, a power of critically assessing things and great writing skill; students find it very difficult to handle an analysis essay in the right way. But in order to pull of an analysis essay successfully, a student must follow some guidelines.

A successful analysis essay must always put forth a thesis statement at the very beginning. But giving a thesis statement does not mean writing a whole thesis paper on the subject. The statement should be at most of 2 to 3 sentences. The sentences will give the reader an idea about what the essay is all about and how the writer intends to analyze the topic. For instance if the writer is analyzing an election campaign carried out by various political parties then the thesis statement could be something like "in this election all the political parties indulged in the game of bribing the voter and telling bag full of lies to them in order to secure their votes. A detailed post mortem on how the election campaign was carried out by the parties show gross disrespect on their part for election ethics and respect for electoral politics."

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The objective of analysis essays is to view everything critically and point out the lacunas that may exist in them. Therefore while writing an analysis essay the writer has to turn himself into a critic and write the essay from that point of view. He may support an idea he is writing on but even then he would have to focus more on the lacunas of the topic rather than on the positive points. Analysis essays can be written on all issues ranging from culture, artistic phenomena to everyday things that people deal with in their lives.

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