Before starting writing a classification essay, it is necessary to know what it is and what its main peculiarities are. Only in this case, is it possible to produce a great paper deserving a high grade.

What Is a Classification Essay?

A classification essay is basically a piece of essay where the writer divides, sorts and organizes different things into various categories. There are many ways of writing a good essay of this type. In order to have an effective classification essay one must follow three basic steps.

  • Divide and sort different things or objects into different categories.
  • Ensure that the categorization is done by following a single organizing principle.
  • Provide suitable examples for each category.


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The Ways of Finding Categories

The very first step to writing a classification essay put different objects or events into different categories. In order to do that, you have to first prepare the categories according to the requirement of the topic. There is no need to get all complicated with this. Think in simple terms while preparing the categories. For instance, when you are categorizing different papers into different categories you might categorize them into papers to be thrown away, papers to be read, papers to be sent to the archives, papers to be kept carefully, papers to be passed to coworkers etc. his makes the work easier. Similarly in writing classification essays, categorizing in simple terms makes writing the essay that much simpler.

Proper Structure of a Classification Essay

The structure that such an essay should have is explained in detail below:


Introduction part is the briefing area of the topic you are writing on i.e. you should briefly describe the topic you writing on. This part should contain all the basic information about the topic. You should also base your classification on the introduction you have written.

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Here the actual classification should happen. Organize & sort all the topics carefully & then place them individually in each category. Prepare sub-categories if needed. Give a brief explanation for every individual object or events you are classifying. Be precise in your points & write to the point. Do not beat around the bush too much. Also make sure that the explanations are not too long. Keep them under 50 to100 words. Categorize the different things following the same organizing principle. In a good classification essay mainly 3 categories are created.

  • First category; which is the less important category.
  • Second category.
  • Third category; which is the most important of all the categories.

Always make sure that you put suitable examples beside each category. Giving examples is a must for the third category.


In the conclusion area summarize what you have written so far & if required give your own point of view on the classification topic.

Classification Essay Writing Assistance

Classification essays can be written on all type of formatted papers whether it is MLA, Chicago/Turabian, APA or AMA. But while writing such an essay, follow the format already mentioned above. Any deviation from this might result in an average essay. Classification essays can be written on various topics. But the format of such a work remains the same irrespective of the topic on which it is being written. So whenever you are writing a classification essay just make sure you follow the guide that we have given here and we are sure that you will have a successful piece of writing.

But if you are unable to write classification essays by yourself then contact our service online at and we will provide you with the best and cheap classification essay you can get. Our writers will write original and custom essays as per your guidelines. So buy your essays from us and say all your worries goodbye.


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