When students see the word "critical" as part of an essay assignment, it evokes both positive and negative feelings and connotations. It is possible to write an entire critical analysis essay completely agreeing with the assigned reading.

When you see the word "critical," it describes the attitude you should take when reading the article - read it with a critical eye. You look at how coherent the reading is, how complete and relevant the data is, and other items, and then make the determination on whether to accept or reject the reading in your critical analysis essay.



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What to Include in a Critical Analysis Essay?

A critical analysis essay often begins with an exposition or analysis rather, of the reading. In every critical analysis essay, the following points need to be included:

  • A complete summary of the point of view of the author, including a short statement of the main idea of the author, such as their theme or thesis; an outline of all the important facts and reasoning utilized by the author to support their main concept; a short summary of the implied or explicit values of the author; and a comprehensive presentation of the conclusion of the author and the author's suggestions for action.
  • A comprehensive evaluation of the work of the author, including a complete assessment of presented facts, their relevance and if pertinent facts were completely omitted from the reading; a total judgment or evaluation of the consistency of the argument presented by the author; and a full appraisal of the values of the author based on what you think about the reading.
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Critical Analysis Essay Writing Recommendations

Once you complete the analysis, always check your critical analysis essay over. Ask if you included all the necessary relevant materials and if your citations are complete. If they are not, go back and fix up your critical analysis essay.

First start with the first draft of the critical analysis essay and outline all arguments. Make sure all positions are covered and then outline them all. Choose your position on this, even if it competes against one of the more prominent arguments. Explicitly state why you hold the position you have using facts and relevant materials. Show the insignificance of any contrary facts. Discuss why this position in your critical analysis essay is important and what must be answered. When it is your first draft, do not spend so much time worrying and spelling or grammar.

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It will be in your later drafts and your revisions where you will focus more on word usage, grammar, and punctuation. Just get your ideas on paper in the rough draft of your critical analysis essay. Once your rough draft is done, go over it and see where any arguments are still weak and require more facts to back it up. Also ensure all points the teacher or professor requires you to focus on are done in the paper. There is nothing worse than handing in a paper that does not fulfill all the requirements stated by the teacher or professor.

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