When one thinks of illustrations, they usually think of a visual image. When a picture gives clarification and insight about a subject, it is classified as an illustration. Illustrations can be used to make human interest stories seem more human, to attract attention from readers, to provide information or to create a certain atmosphere. Textbooks use them to clarify concepts or to add information to a topic. There is also a written type of illustration that creates a "verbal picture" that can illustrate a point. An example is the illustration essay.

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The term, "written illustration" can refer to writing that is merely a word or phrase, or it can be an entire illustration essay that gives a description or narration. The college professor with the penchant for verbal pictures tends to be the one who will assign the illustration essay more often than not. The illustration essay can be quite difficult for some people. In particular the non-native English speaking students. This is why many of them turn to the custom writing service found online at ExclusivePapers.com.

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