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Writing about oneself should be easy, right? Not so fast! A personal narrative essay may be one of the most difficult tasks a student faces, in high school, as one applies for admission to college or to graduate school, and as one seeks employment in a career beginning. In each of these instances, personal narratives will translate into grades, into an academic future, and into a career launch. 

Writing a Personal Narrative Essay: The Basics

Let’s begin with the basic nature of the narrative paper. By definition, it is a story. The writer must, within both length and purpose guidelines, tell a story that is meaningful and that focuses on those events that support the purpose that has been designated by an instructor, a professor, an admissions committee, or a potential employer. In each essay, then, the story will highlight different aspects of the events. This prioritization, along with the ability to lend creativity, to invoke emotion, and to immerse the reader in the content, is what makes writing personal narrative essays so challenging. This challenge is one that the specialist writers at ExclusivePapers.com absolutely love and is the reason why so many students choose ExclusivePapers.com when they need to buy a narrative paper for any reason. To be able to take assigned personal narrative topics and to weave a student’s story into those topics in an artful and compelling manner is what Our English writing experts do best! A personal writer will take your information and transform it into a creatively written piece that will grab the attention of any reading audience.



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At the high school level, the personal narrative essay usually takes the form of a brief autobiography and, while not as complex as those written later in one’s educational career, still need to carry a theme and a creative method of promoting that theme through events in the student’s life. In this instance, personal narratives will include an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion that summarizes one’s life to the current point. The introduction may have some type of broad theme, such as the many moves one has had, the placement within one’s family, etc. Each of the three body paragraphs will probably address three phases of one’s life thus far – infancy/early childhood, elementary school years, and, currently, adolescence. The conclusion may address goals or a general idea of one’s future. The facts will be clear within the mind of the writer but translating them into an absorbing narrative paper is what ExclusivePapers.com can do for you.

The application process for both college and graduate/professional programs will involve writing some variations of personal narratives, most often focusing on provided prompts. Typical prompts include such things as, “What events in your life has lead you to the pursuit of your current educational studies?” or, “What are three guiding principles by which you live, and what events and/or people have influenced these?” Writing narrative essays of this variety require introspection, reflection, and, certainly, creativity of expression. When a student needs to produce this type of narrative paper, experts at ExclusivePapers.com will take the personal information and experiences that best relate to the themes and create exceptional and compelling pieces that will both intrigue and absorb the reader.

Employment applicant material often includes personal narrative topics. The purpose for requiring this type of personal narrative essay is usually two-fold: to glean insight into the character and personality of the applicant and to gauge the applicant’s ability to create organized and well written prose. Sometimes, the applicant will need to develop his/her own personal narrative essay ideas based upon general topic areas. In this instance, a personal writer from ExclusivePapers.com can artfully develop those ideas, request the pertinent information from the client’s personal story and create the perfect piece, creatively designed and beautifully written.

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Personal Narrative Essay Writing Assistance from Dedicated Experts

Whether you need a basic high school personal narrative essay or personal narrative essay ideas and writing narrative essays for an admissions or employment application, it is not wise to consult with cheap price custom online essay companies. They will not provide qualified writers who will collaborate with you on these tasks; they will allow you to buy cheap price essays that are plagiarized and do not relate to your personal life. ExclusivePapers.com, on the other hand, will provide individualized, collaborative custom online essay narratives that reflect truth about you and your story in an exceptional and compelling way.


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