Many students are familiar with having to write a controversial essay at some point during their academic career. The topics selected for a controversial essay are often issues that are highly debated within society, the medial, politics, and so on. It is not a difficult essay to produce because there are usually more than enough resources required to write a good controversial essay, especially if the topic is still quite recent.



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Choosing the Topic for a Controversial Essay

Some teachers and professors assign the topic for the controversial essay or the student may be able to select their own topic. When choosing a topic for your controversial essay, think about topics that today still causes individuals to go into a debate. There are numerous topics to select from when thinking about different controversies. Popular topics today can include abortion, homosexuality, or capital punishment.

When faced with researching and writing a controversial essay, it is important to begin with finding resources to write the essay. You should start by recalling any information on the topic you already know. In a controversial essay, your personal thoughts on the issue being written about will come into play. Therefore, it is best to write such a paper on a topic that you are knowledgeable about instead of selecting a topic you do not have much experience in discussing. Always find expert opinions and references and see what they are saying in regards to the topic. What they say can help you. In your writing project, state your beliefs on the topic. Do not pick a topic that is very broad as it can become too complex to write about.

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Writing a Controversial Essay: The Process

When writing a controversial essay, you should write an outline and determine a proper plan of action to create the paper. Once you do that, you can break down your academic work into three parts - the introduction, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion. The introduction needs to include a statement that will discuss what will be said in the paper - the thesis statement. The thesis statement will set the tone for the entire essay. Remind individuals, as well in the introduction, that this is a controversial issue and why. In the body paragraphs, you need to state either support or disapproval of the topic. Then you need to argue you side - why you are for or against the topic. You also should state, albeit simply and efficiently, why the other side of that argument is wrong. You need to include enough support materials to make your side of the argument strong. Keep in mind your argument needs to be ethical, logical, and appealing to the readers.

Your controversial essay should end in a controversial manner. The conclusion of your paper should restate your thesis using different words and why this side of the argument is the best. Use the conclusion to make the readers think about this position in this controversial topic and tell them why they need to think this way. Your controversial essay should spark debate between the readers and the writer.

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