Students who are working toward the Certificate of the International English Language Testing System always come face to face with the IELTS essay. It is unavoidable and for many, very difficult. The essay is written as a means of evaluating students who want to get their educations in an English speaking country. The results of the IELTS essay gives educators grounds upon which they can evaluate the student's language proficiency.

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When students go to the testing center to write the essay for their IELTS exam, they are given a topic just prior to the test, and approximately one hour in which to complete it. The non-native English speaker might find it very difficult to organize the essay in a non-native language in a cogent manner in so short a period of time, unless he or she has studied a sample essay in advance. This can make all the difference in the world between success and failure. writes excellent IELTS sample essays that truly can help make a difference. The student who decides to buy one in advance will be at a distinct advantage over the one who just plays it by ear. The latter could end up failing altogether.

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